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thinking ahead to Christmas, alcohol question


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Vodka, bacardi, gin, captian morgan and wine are the only ones i think


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Wine is not zero carbs, far from it, sorry to disappoint! You would have to google for the nutritional value but it varies from bottle to bottle. Spirits are the lowest carbs but what you have to bear in mind is that all alcohol is a macro nutrient which means your body uses up any calories from that before it does anything else so it will stall your weight loss. Having said that, I will still be drinking ;)


Hope these help:;)


Beer, regular (12 fl oz) 13g

Beer, light (12 fl oz)

Wine, red (3.5 fl oz)
Wine, rose (3.5 fl oz)1.5
Wine, white (3.5 fl oz)
Cider, dry (1 pint)
Gin, Rum, Vodka, Whisky (1 fl oz)

Sherry (2 fl oz)
Port (2 fl oz)
Guinness (1/2 pint)


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Be a bit careful on wine - very bottle specific! A dry red from eg france can be as low as 0.5 a glass. White more often sweet and can get to 5 very easily - especially champagne which has added sugar

Luckily i like dry reds, whites and you can buy ridiculously dry champers;) hic!

Won't help weight loss much though:D


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I played safe so far - today got myself a half bottle of Bacardi. I'll look at wines though. Hic Hic

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Darn it, 6g in port. I suppose it's to be expected, it is sweet. I do like port. I'm sticking to wine and vodka/pepsi max, in limited quantities, and on Christmas Day and NYE only. I sincerely hope by next Christmas I'll be in a place where I can indulge a little more and then pull it back with induction-level carbs. I'm not a big drinker, but I miss it when I can't have it!


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I love port too - fortunately or unfortunately it doesn't like me. Yes, it's bad enough that i am no longer even tempted - aversion therapy at work:)
Luckily red wine available to lessen the disappointment:D


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What's a nice red to chose for Christmas? Something very smooth and quaffable? I'm not great on reds but it will be a good option to have as an alternative to my dark rum and soda with a splash of lime! Lol


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Ah thanks Bren! Am going to try and find it before Sunday! :)x


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Must try find some too, I've an asda delivery coming Thursday I might just beat the crowds and see if they have some.

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