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Thinking of calling it a day!!


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today ive been seriously considering coming off LT and just eating healthily.

the biggest reason being that my period hasnt arrived which is making my hubby think im pregnant. having a baby is the most important thing to us so being on a diet thats gona stop my periods is really worrying me. i understand theyll come back when i start eating again but maybe not for a few months.

im not making my decision 2day, just thinking about what to do.

im only 21lbs away from my goal so thinking i can do it by myself with sensible food choices and exercise.

i really need my periods to continue to be regular as want to start trying again very soon.

i think i might stay on LT for 2 more weeks as i'll know for definate if im pregnant or not then. i think im gona come off it either way. obviously if im pregnant i'll be off it the second i get a positive, if not pregnant will come off it so my system can get back to normal asap.

if u managed to get to this part of my thread then thanks for listening.

x x
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Jenny ..... but if you are not pregnant, staying on LT and significantly reducing your weight will only help you towards getting preggers!

Sorry if i sound patronising but i knew this was coming, ever since you decided to eat for your birthday. Its a viscious circle honey, it really is. Can you really lose 21lbs on your own?

If i was you, if you are pregnant fantastic, come of LT and be healthy, if not id stick with LT a few more weeks, get to an even healthier weight then come off LT :)

Either way honey, i am sure I, and all the others on here will be around for support etc that you need :D xxx


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i agree with tanya hun, if you're pregnant come straight of and be healthy. but please just do a test ASAP!!

but if you arent feeling the dedication anymore, then i hope you'll find it healthy eating as it's tougher xxx
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I feel for you, as i said before my periods are up the spout and its becoming annoying for me. However i have a longer journey to get to goal and as you are so close it must be such a hard choice to make. You make the desision that works for you.


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I was really shocked wen i seen ur post! Losing 21lbs wud be very hard on any other diet and you have seen how many get pregnant on lipotrim. i tink you need to really tink about this or you will regret it! you period mite just be late because of the change to your diet or it cud be stress and many other things i really tink if ur gonna give it 2 weeks to see if you are pregnant then if your not you should stay on it. i understand that you want to get pregnant but in wat time a few months a year? I think its a huge decision and a personal one for you but just make sure you are making it for the right reasons and not just using getting pregnant as an excuse. I dont mean to sound harsh so huge apologies if i sound it.


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S: 17st7lb C: 12st5lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 27.9 Loss: 5st2lb(29.39%)
i do still feel really dedicated, if my periods continued id be on LT till goal 100%. i know its hard to understand but having a regular period is extremely important to me. having lost 5 babies i need to know when im ovulating and due etc. dont think i could deal with not having a period while on LT and then after im off it wondering when they're going to come back.

im doing 2 more weeks anyway so will know more after that.

thanks for ur advise girls.

x x


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Babes I think you should carry on until you can do your test and if you are pregnant then that is brilliant. If you are not pregnant then you can decide if you want to carry on. Just remember that it is difficult getting back into it once you take a break.


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You have your whole life ahead of you to get pregnant! Why the rush?

I'm a firm believer that things like pregnancy will happen when it happens. You cant just decide to get pregnant tomorrow (well i mean you can) but mother nature is the true holder of all the power when it comes to things like this.

imho i really think you should stick at LT untill goal. Its only like 7/8 weeks away and many people get pregnant whilst on LT.

Whats meant to be will be honey.


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I've been trying for a kid for over 2 years with no success so I understand your feelings. I also came off Cambridge and have lost more by eating sensibly - though it has been very sloooow.

I take my temperature every morning so I know when I have ovulated (temp jumps up). Have you tried that?

Fingers crossed you are pregnant and won't need to make this decision. If you are not then that's the time to re-evaluate. Best of luck xxx
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I have to say that I agree with Tanya - obviously, if you are pregnant then that's fantastic & you should come off LT.

But, surely being at a lower weight is going to make getting pregnant & the pregnancy itself easier & for the sake of probably less than two months, wouldn't that be better? Do you really need to get pregnant immediately as opposed to under the best circumstances? & really, how long is 21lbs going to take on a 'conventional' diet? A long time! If time really is so important to you here, surely LT is the right way to go?

That said, it's obviously up to you & I wish you luck with whatever you decide to do!

I have to say that I think you should speak to your doctor or chemist about this (my best friend is a midwife) she has warned me TFR diets are great for loosing large amounts of weight but they can stop egg production (hence no periods) this can have long term effects I am affraid, if a womans weight yo yo's or you gain alot of weigh or loose a lot of weight fast then your body shuts down its reproduction action.
I am not a doctor so not sure on all the correct terms but I plan to have another baby soon and I'd told her that I was going back on this diet, she adviced that it could talk up to 12 months after I ve finished to get my organs back to normal.
On the other hand being a healthy weight will help you get pregnant so please see a doctor or chemist regarding this xx

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