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Thinking of changing from Lighterlife


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Hi All,

I wondered if you could give me a bit of advice. I am currently on Lighterlife and doing vaery well. BUT, I am finding the cost is killing me.

I am on week 12 of LL so done most of the counciling for development.

Has anyone changed over and have have you found it?

Have you kept the weight off? (Thinking is relation to not doing such a full route to maintenance)

By BMI is currently 28.5 would I be able to go onto sole source?

Dont want to give up LL and couceller is fab but the practicalities of it is another thing.

Your thoughts would be appresaited!!
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has started again!!
I did LL from Feb to Dec 2008, stopped before Xmas with every intention of going back, but never did!! I joined CD a little while ago and truthfully wished I had done so much sooner. The flavours are so much better than LL, much more variety. I know you dont get the counselling but for me it didnt really do that much anyway.

When I joined CD I had regained just over 2 stone from my LL lightest, but it was entirely my own fault.

I have not had huge success with my CDC, and am about to join a new lady so time will tell!!! I understand there really are some fab CDCs out there tho, and so much help too on this forum as well.

HTH & good luck with your decision.

hi Nade - I did two weeks on LL then swapped over to CD. I didn't think much to the LL counselling (admittedly, didn't have much of it.) Found an excellent CDC - who offers all the help I need, plus saving what will amount to several hundred pounds - which I can put towards the needed new wardrobe!

Although I'm nowhere near the maintenance phase, it seems the CD steps, gradually increasing the food content over a couple of months, should ensure a smooth transition. But I guess a lot depends on how you choose to eat when you have finished - if you go back to regular pizzas, burgers, chips etc, it's a bit of a wasted effort!

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