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Thinking of coming back


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Hi everyone. Some of you may remember me from a few months ago- I left a while back due to ill health and personal circumstance but now I'm considering a return to Cambridge. To be honest, I have come back here now in a hope that some of you ladies who were so nice to me before will persuade me to give it a go. Whilst I tried hard before, I could never stick to it for long. I managed to lose 2 stone but I fear I have put the majority of it back on.

I have about a months supply of CD products to use up- I was planning on starting on Monday 27th- right after my sisters hen weekend! That would give me a month and a half to lose a nice amount to fit into the bridesmaid dress.

My only really problem is that I don't want to return to my old CDC as she seemed lovely at first but turned nasty when I told her I was taking a break from CD. I would probably have returned to CD sooner, but I really don't want to go back to her and there isn't another CDC for about 20 miles from here. Maybe I'm making excuses for not doing it.... I feel terrible for spending so much money on CD and failing at it, I don't want to re-start and waste even more money that could be spent on my hubby and kids. I just don't know why I could never stop nibbling- I really think I'm addicted to food!

Help/ advice/ motivation needed please ladies and lurking gents!
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Lisa, Hon,
Welcome back...I wondered where you suddenly disappeared to.. but didnt want to bother you...
Its good to have you back.. I think thats a great idea.. Get your sisters hen out the way and then jump straight back on..
We are all here to support you, you did so well last time hon and you know you can do it!!
You will look lovely and slim in your bridesmaid dress......
Just bite your tongue and ring your old cdc if you need to hon even if you just get the products from her and come to us for support..... 20 miles is quite far to go to get the products otherwise...
Good to see you!!! xxxx


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Hi Lisa and welcome back, sounds like those 6 weeks between hen night and wedding will be a good chance for you to lose some lbs and feel more confident. Perhaps you could find a new CDC, someone really supportive who is encouraging and can help you stick to the diet?

Wishing you lots of luck Vx


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Thanks for replying Curly. I have to say- you look AMAZING! Can't believe how good you look, well done hunni!

I was wondering about going to a new CDC and maybe having fortnightly weigh ins to spread the travelling out a bit more. I'm so stubborn... I don't want old CDC to know I've gained since quitting. Lol


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Hi Lisa
Good for you to pick it back up . I am abit like you lose 2 stone then go down a slippy slop , maybe thats where we need couciling who knows , I think I feel fed up and start to see small loses and get dishearted then I turn to food which I don't enjoy for a few days then start getting my old ways back , BTW I have had my first CD shake today unsure where its going but last night I could hardly breath and i think my blood pressure might be getting high , I really have put weight on , good for you , i'm sure your going to feel better for it !!


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Maybe you should do that then hon!! Go every 2 weeks to the lady that is a bit further away. Why dont you give her a call and have a chat that way you are getting the ball rolling x


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Hi Lisa!
So lovely to have you back sweetie :):):)

Some CDC's even travel to you. But I def agree with Curly, it may be worth going for weigh in fortnightly. It's important you have a CDC who you feel comfortable with and get on well.

Welcome back hunnie :)

Here's to your rapid weight loss! *High Five* ! :)

Hugs x x x


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Hello again! good to see you back here!

I'd go for the new CDC but it's up to you! I travel 30 miles to mine (she's the closest) and go roughly every 2 weeks, I just try to budget for my petrol costs and set aside extra with my CD money. I think I might want to get weighed every week once I move up the plans though,just to keep me on track.

Whatever you chose good luck and enjoy the hen weekend!


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Hey hun, welcome back!! We've all missed having you around.

Hmm... what about going to see a CD that's further away but seeing them less? Every 2 weeks or something? I'm stuck without a car at the moment and so I think that's what I'm going to do as it means being driven there!

Ha I totally should have read all the responses first before making a suggestion that I thought hadn't been mentioned!

I think it's definitely the best way to go. It's whatever will help you, keep you on track. And it doesn't seem like your old CDC is all too helpful!
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Welcome back.

Sounds like everyone here is in agreement about the cdc further away. On the off chance have to called cambridge just to check as not all cdc details are updated?

Good luck xx

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Hiya hun and a big welcome back. I had wondered what you were doing these days. It's fab to have you back. Why don't you start on 810 hun, it's a great plan and may just be for you this time.

Stay here and get your head back into CD life. We're all here for you xxx


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Lisa, so good to see you back. CD really does work... and with a new CDC and a new focus, it will work for you too. So glad you're around again... yay!!!

:welcome:back lisa x x


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Thank you for all your replies ladies. I'm feeling pretty good about taking the first step back into Cambridge, just wish I could get going now instead of waiting a week. I know I will regret it if I miss out on the 'festivities' of my sisters hen weekend though (ie. getting hammered) so next Monday it will be.

I'll count up my left over products later on, work out how long they'll last me and then get in touch with a CDC if I manage the first few weeks ok. On the up side, I have had a look at the improved Cambridge website and have found a CDC who lives in my local town, she wasn't on the list before although she has supposedly been doing it 20 years!


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hi lisa, i am coming back too after about 6 months off...i lost 3 stone last year and have put 2 of it back on....i have been totally ashamed of myself and almost to embarassed to come back on here.....im starting next week too althou im going to see my cdc tomorrow , my mum in law has given me a weeks worth of stuff. was gonna start tomorrow but have a wedding and a meal out planned for next week....cant understand why your cdc was nasty ....she obvioulsy was relying on your supplies to live....but bet you she will be our bessie mate if you call her !!!!!!!
good luck for restart....think its a good idea to come on here first as it gets you all geared up and ready to go so to speak.....im not ashamed now , im proud of myself for admitting i have a weight problem and having the balls to get on and do something about it.....xxxx


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Hello Lisa, just wanted to give you some hope.... I haven't had a CDC for the past 2 goes of Sole Source (6 months). Not really. I buy the products off a lady who is a CDC, of course but many times she sends them by mail and she has a store so most times it's only the shop assistant so no guidance, wi's, etc. All you need is the products, Curly is right. This place and the ladies here are ten times better than some (not all!) CDCs are. Good luck and I hope you find the strength to hop back on the wagon!

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