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  1. law3a3m

    law3a3m Gold Member

    Hi everyone,

    I've been doing Slimming World for 2 years and have lost 4 stone and maintained that. It's been great and I loved the fact there were so many recipes and I was rarely hungry.
    However, I have another 3 stone to budge and I feel a bit stuck and a bit 'burnt out' with the plan. I need something fresh and new to inspire me!
    Before I join a group I was hoping some of you wonderful minimins could offer some info and advice about the WW plan.
    My biggest concerns are:
    1. Being hungry!
    2. Finding a variety of recipes that I enjoy and that I can also convince my OH to eat without realising its 'diet food'
    3. Convenience eating- working out points etc

    Any advice you lovely people have to offer will be gratefully received


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  3. Maria

    Maria Was born to shop


    I did slimming world a couple of years ago and done well on it losing consistently most weeks. I liked slimming world due to the free food element as I love my carbs so I mainly done green days rather than EE as I also liked having my 2 a and b choices a day, I was never hungry on it and developed a fondness to muller lights.

    I personally did get a little bored with SW as I'm not a great cook and I found a lot of the food had to be made from scratch, so my staple diet consisted of mainly pasta, jacket potatoes and low fat super noodles, but, I know a lot of people that are really passionate about SW and have done fabulously on it which is great.

    I had never done WW before and started a week ago, so far so good, I have not been hungry and I am allocated 30 propoints a day and 49 weekly points on top of that. I like the convenience of WW and can use my weeklies on a takeaway or a meal out.

    I definitely feel I have more flexibility with WW, as it suits my lifestyle. Good luck with whatever you decide.
  4. slim_this_time

    slim_this_time New Member

    Hi Amy

    I'm just the same as you although I haven't been successful on slimming world, it's a great plan but I just keep going back to old habits. It's been years since I've done weight watchers and I'm thinking of coming back too but would like some basic idea of what to eat, after slimming world I'm worried that I won't have as much choice (maybe not a bad thing lol).

    Good luck keep in touch and let me know how you get on.

    Catherine x
  5. Josiecat

    Josiecat Silver Member

    I have lost successfully on both plans and did sw first. It depends if you are planning on doing simple start or propoints as simple start should be an easy transition as they are similar plans. I went from sw to propoints and it was hard because it went against everything I knew, suddenly I found that the 'free' potatoes and lean mince etc are actually quite a lot of propoints. I had to change my whole way of thinking and eating.

    I do sometimes feel hungry on ww propoints, I won't lie where as I didn't have that on sw. But for me I prefer pp because of the flexibility, it is much easier to go out for a meal or have a takeaway. It is also easier to pick lunch up on the go and you don't have to cook as much from scratch. I try and have plenty of fruit and veg to keep myself full and I like the weekly extra points because I can eat more on the days that I feel hungry.

    Well done on what you have lost so far, you have done so well :)
  6. law3a3m

    law3a3m Gold Member

    Thanks for the replies everyone!
    I really don;t know much about WW....could I pick your brains please lol?
    Are fruit and vegetables pointed or "free"? Things like tinned toms and passatta- could I use them as I wanted or would they be pointed?
    Is whole wheat rice/pasta lower points than white pasta?
    I'm just thinking of if some SW recipes would be transferrable to WW

  7. Browsie

    Browsie Silver Member


    I have just moved fro SW to WW as like the OP I was getting bored and complacent with SW as I knew the plan inside out. Finding it ok at the moment, on my second week now. It is a lot to get your head round at the the start and I have had my head in the books quite a lot. But I am enjoying it and it does seem to make more sense in the all foods have calories and therefore it logical to have to count them all! Good luck.
  8. Dan8317

    Dan8317 Full Member

    In response to your earlier question, fruit has 0pp so you can fill up on it if your hungry. An the same with regards to most veg, however the starchy veg has points, things like potatoes, sweetcorn and peas. Also tinned tomatoes and pasatta are 0pp so if you use them as a base for sauces like bolognese or chilli then you will get more for your points than if you bought a ready made jar. As far as I'm aware white and wholemeal pasta have the same pp value but if you do simple start or filling and healthy (plans where's there's less counting) then wholemeal is counted as free but white is not. Hope I haven't confused you to much. And one last thing that is different to sw is that you can puree or cook fruit and it still remains 0pp.

    Good luck with whatever you decide
    Dan x
  9. SlimmingKitchen

    SlimmingKitchen Gold Member

    I am in my second week of WW having never done it before but I am really enjoying the change. Although I loved SW and have done it for years I needed a new challenge as I was getting too complacent with it.
    Loving this so far. I messed around too much in the last year or so and got nowhere whereas now I feel like I am freshly motivated again by doing a brand new plan that I knew nothing about.

    3.5lbs off last week for me after following Simple Start and this week I am doing Filling & Healthy. With SW I only ever got losses of 0.5lbs to 1.5lbs a week so I am over the moon so far :) xxx
  10. LouW83

    LouW83 New Member

    I'm also a SW to WW girl. Had been doing SW on and off for a few years and got to target after my baby was born in 2012...but I got complacent and was bored to tears by it, so ended up putting all the weight back on again.

    I started WW on Friday and have done a combination of PP and F&H days. I am enjoying the fact that I can use my weeklies as and when I want as I am normally out for dinner and drinks Friday or Saturday night. First WI is Friday...fingers crossed for a loss xxx
  11. law3a3m

    law3a3m Gold Member

    Can i ask what the difference between filling and healthy and propoints days are? Can you mix the plan us and do a day of each like SW red, green and EE?

    Thanks all for your advice it's really helpful!

  12. MrsK81

    MrsK81 Full Member


    On filling and healthy days you eat freely from the filling and healthy list and use your 49 weekly points for foods that aren't on the list eg butter, biscuits :) On Propoint days you point everything that you eat using the daily points allowance that you have been given. You still have your 49 weekly points that you can dip into should you need to. You can swap between propoint and filling and healthy days throughout the week :)

  13. Liverbird52

    Liverbird52 Gold Member

    *waves* another sw defector :D
  14. law3a3m

    law3a3m Gold Member

    Hello fellow defectors!
    I'm still in 2 minds about what to do....the only thing putting me off leaving SW is losing some of the meals my partner and I love and have found SW versions of: enchiladas, fajitas, burgers, pulled pork being the main ones!
    Getting my head around new plans appeals to me because I think I've gotten complacent with SW.
    Agh dilemma!
  15. dudette2001uk

    dudette2001uk I will be a Princess!

    Another SW defector here too! I think on filling and healthy days you could probably make versions of all of the meals you mentioned hun,.probably without using any of your weekly points :) xx
  16. slimjimwannabe

    slimjimwannabe Full Member

    You can still eat all of these with ww propoints aswell, just smaller portions but fill up and bulk out with veg/salad.
  17. VikkiGT4

    VikkiGT4 Miss Awesomeness Herself

    I'm a SW defector too lol although I did Cambridge start of this year ready for my hols and lost just over 2 stone.

    Now I'm back from hols and looking at a healthy eating diet as opposed to starve myself thing diet.

    I had my gallbladder out a couple years ago and since then have struggled to lose weight with SW. Sooooo I bought a £10 month thingy off the internet and go to my first WW class tonight. Excited and scared :) xxx
  18. ladyblade

    ladyblade Full Member

    I, too, have rejoined the ww plan. I lost just over 3 stones with ww in a year, but struggled to get back into it after Christmas. Joined sw 5 weeks ago, but am now back with my trusted ww. Got some good recipes from sw, that I now use on a filling and healthy day. The idea to free foods on sw were appealing, but just couldn't get my head around the fact that things like pasta and sauce, noodles etc were unlimited. Let's all say a big thank you to ww, as it really is the way to go lol x
  19. *Fallen Angel*

    *Fallen Angel* Full Member

    I've done both plans but always come back to WW as it's where I've lost the most weight. It fits into my lifestyle so much better. With SW I was panicking as to what to eat if I'd not planned. i'm not a great cook and all the SW recipes I'd tried were foul. That said, it suits some people so well so horses for courses!
  20. JessMayR

    JessMayR Full Member

    I've done both slimming world and weight-watchers, i find slimming world is great for eating loads, but i struggled to lose because my portion sizes are so big, weight-watchers is brill for portion control. I think filling and healthy is very similar to slimming world.
  21. beingmum

    beingmum Full Member

    Considering going back to ww. Slimming world just isn't helping me much. Portions are too big and I can't get my head around being able to eat as much pasta and rice as you want but yet you have to syn healthy seed breads! Anyway I lost alot on ww but it was the old point system.

    How many pro points would I get? I am 5ft and 9 stone 10. I am 33 and a stay st home mum so I am not exactly sedentary but it varies.

    Any advice would be great :)

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