Thinking of doing CD


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I'm thinking about doing the CD. I did use Lipotrim in the past, over 2.5 years ago but gave up before I reached goal. I've since had a baby and am now at my heaviest. I need to lose at least 8 stone.

How are you finding CD? Do you have to do the add a meal weeks or can you stay on just the food packs like LL & Lipotrim?

Many thanks Anna_B
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CD is ace hun...I'm on my 5th week (AAM) and I swear I love this diet! It takes all the temptation away and you can feel it working as the weeks go on.....have a look at some of the diaries if you need inspiration....there are so many flavours and things that you are a bit spoilt for choice. Have you thought about trying LL? It is more expensive, but some people swear by the CBT they do as part of the program....

Good luck!!


Norwich CDC
You dont have to do AAM but if you are choosing to do ss continuously you will need a Doctors signature on your medical form to be able to do this. I think aam is an important part of the diet as it teaches you portion control and also stops the fear of food some people sometimes get from ss for months on end.

I found the first week the worst time and then once i got to weigh in it kept me motivated to continue. For me i didnt need counselling as i knew why i was overweight and didnt have food issues more portion control and bad food choices. but if you think it would help LL is a programme with counselling as part of the package. Also for me i couldnt justify the cost of LL £66 a week against Cambridge that is around £33-34 a week.

Good luck in what ever you decide ,for me i have found a new outlook on life after losing nearly 7 stone in 6 months, am expecting a much wanted baby after over 2 years of trying and a family that are all losing weight on cambridge diet with me lol