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Thinking of doing the LT Maintenance...


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Hi all, I've been on the TFR LT diet for just nearly three weeks now, but I can't commit to it. Right now it's just too hard, I'm a stay at home mom so I get pretty bored. There's a lot more to it than that but I can't quite get my own head around it to explain.

I'm going to speak to the pharmacist tomorrow about maybe doing the Maintenance diet instead. I get through the day quite well on the first two shakes, but by dinner time, I'm quite frustrated and I don't like my moodiness, especially around my son.

Hopefully the Maintenance diet will help me to lose some more weight albeit I know slower. Perhaps if there is still more weight to lose by the time I start college, then I can go back to the TFR LT diet, I'll be more distracted then. For now though, I think this might be the better choice.

This was not an easy decision, I feel like a failure to be honest, but my husband has been quite supportive and thank god for that.
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Hi Jen don't beat yourself up over it. This diet is so hard! I'm just at the end of week 1 with weigh in tomorrow and all I can think is "how bad can a little bit of food be?" I don't think it's hunger either, it's just wanting to eat :(

I think we all have a little part of our brain that is programmed to eat and when all's well we can press the override switch and ignore it but there are times when it doesn't matter how much you try it will not back down and you find yourself with your head in the fridge battling away.

3 weeks is a long time with no food and you've proved your strength with that. You have to do things the right way for you. :hug99:

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
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Well done on your progress to date. Hopefully, your pharmacist will guide you on the weightloss via maintenance. You will need to stay strong to avoid overeating in the evening. Plan your meal every day, that way you will keep on track.


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aww hun! it is a hard diet thats why im doing maintenance but with 2 tfr shake's and an evening meal . because i found it hard so i found that this way is the best 4 me and im more likely to stick to it . :) let us know what u do hun but keep this in mind .... doing either u do the tfr or maintenace way ur still going to be losing the weight :) a lot slow on maintenance but hey ur still lose :) x


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how much do you wont to loose ive lost 3 1/2 st 2 months