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thinking of getting an exercise bike


I will do this!!!
I think any type of exercise is fine after week3 so long as you feel fine and you dont tover do it. Just start off easy and do what your body can take.
I went on my exercise bike for the first time since being on LT on Saturday, and tbh I felt fine, I am starting my third week today.

Might sound stupid, but I think it may have helped speed up the ketones in my legs, as my bf and I both noticed the first weight loss on my legs yesterday!


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i'm thinking of getting a small trampoline as i've heard this will give me an all over workout. i do have a step excerciser but it is just gathering dust at the minute.


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i would sod the excersise bike right off,
get ur self a tredmill, walking is one of the best excersises in the world, i have one at home i go on it every day even do the odd jog , it also faces the tv when im on it lol so they go well together ;)
if ur going to get a bike get one where the handles move to, while ur moving ur arms ur burning more cals, at same time :)

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Cross-trainers are great for an all-round work out. At the moment mine is being used as a clothes airer but sometimes I do actually use it! lol


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I have a flexi-bar it's great for toning!


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I have an exercise bike which I set up in front of my dvd player so any time I want to watch a dvd I get on my bike. Its a great incentive to exercise and usually use it at least 5 times a week for about 25-40mins each time. My legs are well toned.
When I first started I could only do about 5 mins before I was huffing and puffing. Now I can easily do half an hour so it is improving my fitness level.
Get one with time and distance measurements on it as it helps keep you focused.
I also have an air-walker but I rarely use it as I find it boring in comparison to the bike.


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Hi Jenni,
I am nearly finished wk4 and started on my exercise bike last tuesday doing 20mins everyday,it hurts my legs like hell but I dont seem to get puffed out too much,long time since the legs have been used so much!It has seemed to help my weight loss because clothes seem much looser this week x
I use my exercise bike everyday - I can do about 30 mins now.
I can definitely feel my legs toning up a bit.
I have also bought a slendertone system online, it will arrive this week - hope its worth the money as they are quite pricey.
Would love to start pilates soon aswell but am going to take things one step at a time for now - Rome wasn't built in a day and all that lol!! ;)
i have got a strider (in my garden..?) but because it is out there I tend to use it more! Not sure why, but anyway, it's pretty much the same as going on a brisk walk which gives you an all round work - out. I'm lucky enough to have a gym at work so go on the treadmill in there through the week as well! xx

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