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Thinking of giving it a whirl

Hi all. I joined Weight Watchers a year ago to the day pretty much. And so far have lost the princely sum of 8lbs.. I'm constantly hungry and always end up falling off the wagon as it were. But I know that I need to do something about my weight as it's making me miserable.
As I was moaning to a slim and gorgeous colleague the other day (as she was munching through a BIG plate of food) she informed me that she'd lost 3 and a half stone on Slimming World this year! I was amazed when she told me how much you can eat-it seems way too good to be true!
I'm giving major thought to joining my local group next week, but I was wondering just how well this plan fits in with your life, ie socialising etc..
Just, any tips/help would be welcome. I'd also love to hear from anyone who's gone from WW to SW.
Ta. xx
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Every diet involves some changes to what u would normally be doing but i think SW fits in really well with normal life, theres always something u can munch and u never have t feel deprived. I say give it a go, what have u got to lose?xx


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Hi Kickette
welcome to minimins it's a fab forum
sw is awesome. There is so much choice and you can eat as much 'free' foods as you like!
Eating out is quite easy with some basic changes, which would happen on any plan.
If you are unsure whether to join sw have a good look at this forum! laddiesboy's diary is definately worth a read- he's such an inspiration
the people on here are lovely and ready and willing to help and give excellent advice!
Good luck with whatever you choose, let us know how you get on in whatever you choose

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If WW isn't working for you then SW might just be the way to go! I certainly find it fits in well with my day-to-day life. Obviously I can't go eating krispy kreme donuts and dominos pizzas on a regular basis, but SW honestly does teach you healthy eating, how to eat to your appetite and to really enjoy your grub without feeling guilty about it.

It takes some getting used to when you've been in a different dieting mindset, but once you do, you'll realise it's a plan that is very do-able in the long term. There are successful losers on here that have been maintaining at target weight for a long time by still following the plan most of the time.

The plan is flexible enough to allow you options when eating out, and 'flexi syns' when you want to go off the wagon, but do so in a structured way , so you can get right back on with it again. No guilt.

Give it a whirl!! :)
I say give it a go, what have u got to lose?xx
About 2 stone hopefully!
I don't have one of the wee thank you buttons-I don't think I get that yet because I'm new. So I just want to say Vic08 and HellieCopter (fab avatar btw) thank you so much for replying so quickly.
I'm off to have a read of some diaries...how very voyeuristic of me!
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yep, go read what everyone else is munching, also go find that thread with all the meal ideas on with photos of everyones gorgeous dinners- if that doesnt make u join sw i dunno what will xx
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Diaries are a great place to start. There's a sticky thread for newbies and some great ideas for inspiration in the Recipes section.

And there is a before/after inspiration section somewhere too. That's FAB!

Will you go to a class, do it online or go it alone?
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thanks tmfd- going to look at laddiesboys diary now, theres so many is nice to get a heads up n one to read xx


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Hi there,

I can't advise as to whether or not SW works, as I just started last Monday and will weigh in for the first time properly tomorrow. However, I wanted to say that so far, I have found it pretty manageable and it fits in well with my lifestyle.

I am going out for Christmas work do meals shortly and I know that I will be able to save up my syns for that week so that I can eat and drink virtually what I like.

Good luck - let us know what you decide to do!!!

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Having done both SW and WW, I have to say it's SW all the way for me. I lost almost 4 stone in 14 months and am back now to shift my baby weight.

Different diets work for different people and I was just too hungry and restricted on WW. Other people swear by WW but I hate weighing and measuring and with lots of free food on SW such as pasta and jacket spuds, you should never go hungry! Good luck if you decided to give it a go!
Will you go to a class, do it online or go it alone?
I really want to go to class, especially with being totally new to the plan. Trouble is, I work shifts and am on the wrong side of 6pm finishes for the next 2 weeks :cry:and I don't get paid for 2 weeks so online is out as money's VERY tight.
I'm currently involved in a bidding war on ebay for the books. My new thought is to win the books, give it a go in the run up to xmas then join a group or sign up online in the new year. I can never stick to any kind of diet around this time of the year. Too many parties and too much junk food going around at work! :break_diet:


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I don't know what you are prepared to pay for the books on Ebay, but I have heard they are quite pricey.
If you join a class you only pay £10 and have all they books as well as a talk with the Consultant. A lot of people don't stick to plan 100% over Christmas but at least you would understand the plan and get a start.


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I think going to the groups is part of why it works for people...the community element. Isn't there some kind of option for shift workers? I thought there was, as I remember seeing something on my joining forms. x

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Hi Cant advise on WW to SW as I have only done SW, but SW works for me. I have lost 4 stone over the last 2 years.

I find that it fits in well with my lifestyle. I have 3 children to feed and they eat what I eat as does hubby. I also go out to eat and weigh up my options as best as I can. The only really big change has been the ammount I used to drink and the way I cook. I just use frylight instead of olive oil and drink one glass of wine with my dinner rather than quite alot each night! Small changes eventually lead you towards big ones!

Good luck whatever you choose.

Managed to get the starter pack on ebay for £4 inc postage-how awesome is that?! Can't wait til it arrives. That should tide me over until I find a suitable meeting. Or until I can talk my manager into leaving me off the late shift rota on a particular night. Yay!! :D
i initially did sw a few years ago and then had a baby and put all my weight back on. 3 weeks ago i joined ww and the first week was horrible! i dont eat very much... just the wrong foods... and ww was doing me no good at all. i really struggled to eat all my points and then found myself eating junk food to make them up. which just didnt make sense to me as its the junk im trying not to eat... so anyway, im now back at doing sw but from home.

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