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thinking of having my hair cut.

hi all

i've been getting sick of my hair lately. it's quite long and it's been getting entwined in my neck and really annoying me. i've had loads chopped off today so that it's just long enough to tie back for exercise. i'm thinking of biting the bullet and getting it all chopped off and although i'm dyed blonde i'm thinking of going really light. here's a picture of what i was thinking of.

was thinking that either i'll have to tie my hair back or have it cut off for my exercise.
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oh hunni that is so so so so gorgeous!!!!

What a fab idea, you shoudl go for a complete new image now your so super skinny and a whole new person!

I think that's gorgeous! And will show off your lovely slender neck and cheekbones :D
Ooh fun! Post pics when you get it done.
I've had to keep my hair long for years cause my face was too fat to take a short cut. Very envious of people who can go short!
here's my hair as it is today with loads already cut off. it's not a great picture just taken now on my laptop.

i've had it short and spiky before. was fun and easy but kept getting looked at by other women.
The best haircuts I've ever had have been with male hairdressers as they seem to have a different "eye" that female ones. I had my hair chopped up to your length the other day as I was desperate and am now relying on alice band type things to keep it off my face when i'm exercising. I want to get a total restyle when i lose a bit more weight and am going to go to a guy an hour away because he has such good recommendations (his waiting list is 6 weeks!).

Last time I had really short blonde hair I looked like a butch lesbian shotputter!
That haircut is gorgeous - you should give it a go.

Gg - you are just too funny
Yes yes! Get it cut. And super blonde. You will feel fantastic !!!


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Looks great but find out more about keeping the hair that colour , as I have highlights in mine until today as dyed it myself , with an Ash light blonde that works nice .
If i go into a shop they are reluctant to do full head of bleach also my hairdresser at home says the same , and they then say about having highlights as its not so much of an upkeep , but if you want it they will do it . also over at the collage they were the same .
i have mine dyed blonde now and it's desperate for the colour to be done. we've decided that if it doesn't look right then we'll put some darker toned foils in.

my side view.

Seriously Setas.. not a good luck on me! Big big mistake.. it was really short on back and sides and a bit longer and spiky on top (but not by much).... combined with a square jaw, freckles and rosy cheeks...... hmmmm


Strong women stay slim
I am sure it will look great when done ! where will you go to have this done

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