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thinking of leaving CD...

well actually i've more or less made my mind up already..

will be finishing my meals this week and then going to have my last weigh in on thursday and speak to my CDC about stopping this diet..
i just don't feel it's for me anymore..i know it's only been 3 weeks but i feel like my life has stopped since cutting out food and i'm so glad i tried it cos i know i can do it if i really want to but i just dont anymore..i think this diet is the easiest thing i've done but also the hardest..i miss eating out with my family and i don't feel i need to do this anymore..all i really need is to get back into going gym 3times a week as well as my belly dancing class and i think i will eventually lose the baby weight that way..i know how to eat healthy so i will be good during the week and work hard and then eat what i like on wkends..and that will make me happy..
also we have just bought a house so i can't afford to keep this up either..

it was lovely knowing all of you and you've all been amazing support to me and good luck in getting to your goals..i'll still be around for a this week still xxxxx:wave_cry:

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Good luck to you, if you feel that its right then go for it, healthy eating is what we all want to do anyway, so if you can do it then i dont blame you at all for stopping CD, i wish i could have done it that way, once again good luck hope your new house and diet will be great.


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Hey Maria.
Just wanted to wish you all the best..
I think people know deep down really if its right for them or not. and you sound like you are fit and healthy anyway just have pregnancy weight to lose from your twins.
So good luck and enjoy getting back into your belly dancing and gym and healthy eating.
Take care x
thanks girls..and curly wurly it was you that really inspired me the most and i admire you for that and ur losses are amazing so thanks for your support! xx


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thanks girls..and curly wurly it was you that really inspired me the most and i admire you for that and ur losses are amazing so thanks for your support! xx
Aww thanks so much hon thats so sweet. Good luck .. you sound like you will be there before you know it especially with all that belly dancing .. x

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It sounds like you've made up your mind 99% but ask your CDC about changing to 810. That way you can still eat with your family, cook the same things and give them the extra carbs etc. Sorry, I know it's none of my business but having come off CD last year from ss I wished I'd tried the 810 plan then because it's really brilliant. You still lose quickly, feel great and can have a social life.

Whatever you do, I'm sure you'll do well. belly dancin gsounds fun.

Good luck xxx

Ps - this diet is not for everyone but it's just from my experience of leaving before


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Good luck, you know you are capable of doing the diet so if you ever feel the need, you know you can come back to it. I know what you mean about the expense though. If I were to come off CD that would be the main factor for me - it does run very expensive when you have to buy food for the other members of the family also. People say, well its only what you would be spending on food, but really its not, its the same price to make a spaghetti bolognaise or a curry for 4 as it is for 3!!!


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seriously.... i really should stop ranting at people but you need to hear this....

The diet does get easier.....i remember when i started i laid in bed with my other half CRYING HYSTERICALLY because i missed food, and LOVED SANDWICHES!! have you ever heard anyone sobbing hysterically because the cant have a sandwich?? well i did!!!
I remember (at around week 3) i was going to quit because i couldnt imagine food not being a part of my life, i tried convincing myself that it was only a few months but even that didnt cut it!
I then remembered why i had started (my list) and started motivating myself with words of wisdom such as.....you have spent 25 years letting your body get like this.....you owe it a few months to sort it out!!!
I promise you ,it does get easier..... when you get compliments rolling in etc, you are no longer focused on the negatives of not being able to eat, and you can reward yourself in other ways!!
I had to endure a bbq this weekend (sausages,burgers Mmmmm) but instead i made some chicken, onion and mushroom kebabs and ate them instead (which were lovely)
If you really cant bear not eating just do SS+ you wouldnt believe what a difference it made to me, to be able to eat again!!


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kelsocool, i love your posts. so no nonsense, and make sense! i agree, it does get easier, but it also gets harder when the weight doesn't fly off like it used to! thats what i'm having to get used to, i will be on this diet for another 3 months minimum, making it 7 months in total. seems ages, but the last 4 months have flown, and if i were doing ww or sw then it would have taken me over a year and a half to get the weight off....i am not patient enough for that!


Speaks as she finds
i just speak as i see!! most find it annoying :p some find it endearing!!!:D
But i know what a diet lightweight i am, if i can do it.....ITS DO-ABLE!!!
No seriously i am a very upbeat person (i think i should be a motivational speaker...or the PM !!!) i know people can struggle but i genuinely know there IS a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow and i get a little overexcited when people dont believe me :p

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