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  1. vicky82

    vicky82 Meh

    Being healthy
    Hi everyone. Ive been on this great site a couple of weeks, practically live on it, and ive been doing SW for 3 weeks, so far ive lost 12.5 pounds.
    I was having a wee look at different threads on here this morning and im seriously considering LT. I have so much weight to lose, I dont think I can do losing 1.5 pounds a week, well not for the first 3-4 stone.
    I have been on the LT website, watched the vid and found a local chemist, I called them and the girl was great.
    I would love love love to lost 3 stone for my birthday (29th july) about 11 weeks. Im 17 stone and a few pounds now, would love to be 14 stone ish for my birthday, this would be a first since my wedding in 2001, thankfully ive divorced the main reason for me being so overweight. haha.

    I was thinking of starting next friday, so i have the weekend to get used to it as I know i'll feel tired. Also Mr Tesco has just delivered £200 worth of food about an hour ago.
    I have a couple of questions I hope someone can answer.
    Chewing gum? I smoke and hate smelling of it so really always am chewing it in work, as its a no no what the hell can I use apart from carrying my toothbrush round in my handbag? lol

    When is the best times to drink the shakes? Im up at 6am, in work for 8 and i always have breakfast. I was thinking 9,2&6??

    Will I be totally knackered? After a week will I have the same energy as I do now, will I be able to exercise without fainting lol
    Thanks so much in advance
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  3. fattothin

    fattothin Gold Member

    Lipotrim 1st time
    Hi and Welcome, you have come to the right place. Well done on your loss so far, thats a great start.
    Its certainly possible to lose that weight for your birthday but dont forget we are all made different so dont be disheartened if her next door as lost a pound more.
    No chewing gum allowed, but you can have listerine strips. As for times to eat. that will be down to you and your personal curcumstances, as long as you eat all three spaced fairly evenly throughout the day, and dont forget you can split them also.
    Now just because people get head aches, feel tired, ect it does NOT mean you are going to.
    Just be positive and take it a day at a time. And dont cheat as all your hard work will be ruined.
    Good luck on your LT journey xxx
  4. vicky82

    vicky82 Meh

    Being healthy
    Wow I was looking at some of your pics, what a change, you look great. Thanks for your reply and thank god for listerine strips! I think im gonna give it a go xxx
  5. TracyJ

    TracyJ Gold Member

    Hiya again hun! I think Garry has covered everything so good luck and keep us posted xxx
    P.s thanks again for the nice message xx
  6. jackie2029

    jackie2029 Full Member

    Hi hun, thats the same reason i started this diet, i suppose like a lot on LP i did slimming world for years, besides spending a fortune it was crippling and very disheartening to see the scales go up or down a 1lb which is why i did this, and ive lost 11lb in my first week so DO IT! What have u got to lose besides pounds and thats not sterling!!! jx
  7. Shazpaz

    Shazpaz Regular Member

    South Beach
    Welcome, welcome, the bestest diet around! You will not regret the decision to switch hun. Well done on your loss so far.
  8. ReeseAnderson

    ReeseAnderson Member

    Hey Vik, i have just checked out your bebo page. I love the song/vid by Saving Jane !.. Im not on Bebo but have a profile on !.. Im Reese Anderson in Bristol. xxx
  9. vicky82

    vicky82 Meh

    Being healthy
    Hiya Reese, No one ever knows who saving jane is! Your the 1st one. I dont have face book, its too hard for me to understand lol.
  10. vicky82

    vicky82 Meh

    Being healthy
    Just also wondered (sorry im a pain in the arse) will I be left with loose skin or because im 25, had no kids, will it all spring back on my tummy. I hate my tummy, it has two parts. The top which hangs over my jeans, and the bit that hangs under that. Yuk.
  11. fattothin

    fattothin Gold Member

    Lipotrim 1st time
    everyones different but light toning exercise will help
  12. HappyNoodles

    HappyNoodles Gold Member

    Start Weight:
    Hiya doll and welcome!
    LT is the best thing around, it's the best thing I've ever done!
    I looked at your bebo, you're a stunner now, imagine in a few months!! Playboy will be begging for ya :)
    Well done by the way for doing so well on SW!

    Welcome aboard and keep us updated!
  13. vicky82

    vicky82 Meh

    Being healthy
    Thanks Daisy. Playboy? Jesus I wish, i would do it for free lol
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