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Thinking of refeeding!!!


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Well I have been exhausted for the past 2 weeks and haven't done any exercise. Litterally falling asleep and muscles are like lead. Have a sore throat for the past week and am gargling salt and still no better. I had originally thought I would do tfr for 8-10 weeks but now I am thinking of refeeding and swapping to maintenance.

Now things have been VERY stressful lately. I am in the process of adopting and I have had all the legal stuff to sort and I seem to be going morning, noon and night at the moment. I am REALLY missing food this week and feeling sorry for myself.

I am due to weigh in on Fri and that will be 6 weeks tfr. What do you think? Try and stick it out or swap to maintenance???:confused::confused:
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Says it as it is!!!
Do what feels right fo ryou hun...you sound like you either have an infection or a bug!!! but if you really want to swap its your desicion xxx
I suppose it depends on how much you have to lose and how patient you are x


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Everything Nic says!

I think you've done so well to do six weeks and it would be a real shame to drop out now (even onto maintenance), but ultimately it's your decision. Fab Weight Loss!:)

I am also going through the mill right now, separating from hubby, two children, one special needs who never sleeps.....but I won't give in cause if I do I will start with the best of intentions but I know I'll give in to my emotions and try and 'care' for myself with food! Stress makes me eat!

Hopefully you won't do anything like that, I wish you the best of luck whatever you decide and Good Luck with the adoption process!

Take Care

Lisa xx

Sara, ultimately it's your decision and you must do what you think is best for you but I would remember what everyone has said who have come back to LT and how hard it is the second time.

You are halfway to your target and another 2-4 weeks could see another stone gone forever!

Whatever you decide you know we are here and happy to support you.

Take care hun.


P.S. Bellyflop - you have done amazing well especially with all the upheaval you are going through at the moment. x


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Thanks guys! I will sleep on it and in fact I won't make a decision before Fri weigh in. I think I will see how I feel when I am stood in the chemist! I would dearly love to lose another stone or near enough on tfr. Just wish I had more energy and wish my moods were not so OTT.
Hi Sara I really feel for you because I was in a similiar boat recently.

I didnt know what to do for the best and in the end I chose to refeed for my sanity and not my body.

I made the right choice for me and im loving refeed. But I plan to maintain for 4 weeks and then work my ass off to lose the rest.

You need to be sure that whichever route you take is the right one for you and that ultimitly you are going to be happy with it.

But the hard part is it has to be your choice - and I can really relate to how difficult a decision it is to come off LT.

Good luck hunni xx

With a lot on your plate then I can imagine doing TFR could be hard work! Have you even been going for walks just to clear your head? I know when I feel sorry for myself I normally eat :( eeek. So I think TFR is good for me now because it is teaching me to be self discplined even when i feel like dung. If you can make it through this time on LT then you can make it through anything! The buzz of loosing the weight will hopefully spur you on and make you feel excited about being on LT again.

Be strong! :) You can do it! xoxoxoxo

I hope everything goes well with the adoption - and the worst of the legal stuff is behind you... remember the future is bright... the future is orange! ;) xoxo



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Well done sara on getting this far, you have had a great loss to date. As others have said its your decision, hope it wont be too difficult for you to decide. I personally am devastated Im off tfr as I am finding maintenance hard, Im hungry all the time and have no energy at all, whereas I had tonnes of energy on tfr and wasnt hungry at all. Its true that the tfr is the easy part, the maintaining is the hard part. Good luck with your decision

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