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Thinking of returning


Yummy Mummy! xx
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Hi guys

Ive REALLY struggled the past weeks and gained a fair bit of weight and am thinking of going back to class with my tail between my legs lol!! :wave_cry:

There is a new class that has opened and its on tonight but doesnt start until 7pm so it means hanging round, and getting the buses to get there. I didnt realise there was a class this morning or I would have gone!

Now....do I go tonight? wait until next week and go on the morning? OR....I fly to turkey a week friday so do I wait until after my holidays and start afresh?
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You should only go back if you have the right mentality, it will never work.. if you are going on holiday I would personally go back after as then you wont be worried about what happens whilst you are away and you can completely start new and fresh!.. it has to work for you or you will never achieve your goals x
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I would do the opposite and go tonight because i you wait until after your holiday you will go into holiday mode before then. If you have been off plan you could have a good loss in the time before your holiday and will motivate you to go when you come back but that is just me.



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Depends what you intend to do on holiday, I suppose. If you're going to watch what you're eating and drinking, then it's definitely worth going tonight, as it will give you the motivation and the knowledge to start right away.

Even if you intend to cut loose on holiday, it's still worth going tonight, as you'll have a week's worth of eating healthily under your belt, and most probably a decent initial weight loss to take away with you.

As far as the class goes, you can change your class as often as you like, so go tonight and then change to morning classes if you prefer - it's no problem and costs nothing.


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I to would go tonight.

I started a month before xmas :eek: theres always going to be something round the corner that we could use to prevent us starting something.

WE have just got back from Turkey and the food was so good but I tried to make good choices.

We had a lot of set meals (cheap) that came with puddings so I took a small piece of the corner and gave the rest to my kids :D I stuck to sparkling mineral water and ate loads of their gorgeous peaches and tomatoes.

I say go for it, if you do put on any you have already made the comittment to join before you left so are more likely to go back.

Its only 14 weeks til xmas and the party dress is calling :D


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I'm with Soccermom on this..... go tonight!

There will always be a reason not to go and look at Qualitybrittany's thread.... 14 weeks to Christmas xx
S: 20st3.5lb C: 18st6lb G: 11st12lb BMI: 40.4 Loss: 1st11.5lb(8.99%)
lol.. see thats how people differ lol.. I would rather enjoy the holiday and know that when i come back i will be at my heaviest and that will be here I need to go from..rather than worrying over the holiday. Differet people have different motivators.. only you know best xx


Yummy Mummy! xx
S: 248lb C: 248lb BMI: 40 Loss: 0lb(0%)
Thanks and guys and I know you are all right! Going to go tonight, hold my head up high and get this bloody weight off if it kills me!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxx
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Yep I'd say go tonight as well. You will feel very motivated and by the time you go on hols you will still have that buzz about you which will inspire you to chose wisely on holiday.

I've just returned from holiday & ate SW friendly food for every meal except 1. I used my syns on beer & wine. It's WI tonight & I'm confident there wont be a gain.

You can do it, you're in the right frame of mind now.:D


Yummy Mummy! xx
S: 248lb C: 248lb BMI: 40 Loss: 0lb(0%)
Thank you all so much Im sat here in tears right now as i am SO DISAPPOINTED in myself for going off track and letting myself go. :cry:

Im sick of making excuses, Im sick of looking fat, im sick of being mistaken as being pregnant, im sick of being tired and depressed all the time and im sick of going on and on about it all the time instead of doing it. My OH is at his wits end at the moment as I am constantly starving myself then binging and its a horrible nasty cycle that I need to get out of.

Thank you all again I appreciate it x

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