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Thinking of Starting Atkins

Lisa D

Full Member
Hi everyone,

After trying CD about 4 times and only ever lasting 4 weeks at the most I am thinking of starting Atkins, primarily because I want to be able to eat but also see some good losses, I get disheartened very quickly if I dont see the results ( as with WW and 1lb losses every week).

I'm getting married in Cuba next March and would really like to order my wedding dress June time but get some good weight off first.

I am 12 stone 6lb and want to get to 9 stone. Is a loss of 3lb a week realistic on Atkins? I would really be interested to see what other peoples losses have been each week.

Any comments greatfully received!

Lisa :)
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Hi Lisa,

I totally understand what you mean about ww and the slow losses. I just can't bring myself to celebrate a half pound here or there and I need the good losses too.
I have tried CD too but never got past a week lol :sigh:

I did Atkins a few years ago and lost 2 stones in 7 weeks by sticking to induction only, which relays to about 4lb a week. (or 2 dress sizes from size 14-10) :D:D:D:D

This time I'm planning to do the same but with more weight to lose this time around!! (only started a week or so ago)

Good luck if you decide to start Atkins. I feel it's the best diet around with regards to fast weight loss using real food.

Wox xx
Hi Lisa,

I am new to this too, and on week 1 and ive lost 8lbs already!
Low carbing works for me (like CD did) so by sticking to induction and doing it right, i cannot see why 3lbs a week is unachievable.

good luck and keep us posted.
Hi Lisa, it varies from person to person, I managed a steady 2lbs a week by sticking to strict induction, and I mean strict, no processed foods, no low cal, just plain meat and green leaf veggies.


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Hey Lisa, im quite new to this too but done something similar before and both times ive lost about 1lb a day. This time im trying to do it properly (reading the stickys and help on here) and have noticed the weight loss the same. It just falls off me. I wonder how im loosing more than others, i even had onions the other day, Strange.
We renewed our vows in Cuba, make sure you see Havana and go to non touristy parts, its truly an eye opener and makes you very grateful for what you have. Any questions give me a shout.

Lisa D

Full Member
Well i'm starting today, went shopping and got all my chicken, prawns, salad and veggies etc. Also got celery sticks and the primula soft cheese (in a tube), can I have this?

And is the only thing I can drink water? Have top really force myself to get water down me, hate drinking it.

We renewed our vows in Cuba, make sure you see Havana and go to non touristy parts, its truly an eye opener and makes you very grateful for what you have.
Cheryl we are going to Playa Pesquero which is apparantly in the more rural part of cuba, opposite side of the island to Havana, I cant wait!

Well here it goes, wish me luck everyone :)


Loves this site!
Good luck Lisa youll be fine.
We stayed in Cayo Guillermo which is a tiny island attached to the Cayos by a road. It was beautiful, beeches at sol cayo guillermo on par with that of the Maldives. We took a few internal flights and went swimming with dolphins and also a 3 day trip to havana. If you go there Hemmingways bar its in the middle and the pina coladas there are to die for!!!!
As for drinking water, i found that sainsburys basics range double strength juice only has a trace of carbs per 100ml (the apple and blackcurrant and orange flavours). It doesnt taste too bad actually. Oh and perfectly clear flavoured waters, I brought the summer fruits and lemon and lime fizzy. Only tried the summer fruits so far and that was really nice.
Good luck Lisa, I think the primula is Ok from what I remember, look at the lable love.
Thanks Jim, had a look, per 35g squeeze it's 0.7g carbs so think i'm ok :)
Hi everyone,

I'm thinking about joining the 'new atkins diet' which is similar to the original atkins apparently. I'm in my final year of study at university and have but 8 weeks left till i finish! woohoo! I'm a little worried that the side effects may cause havoc on my studies, headaches, dizziness are just a few that ive read on here. What do you guys think?

Thanks in advance!

Heres the link to an article on the new atkins diet: Atkins bites back: You could shed up to a stone in two weeks with the new version of the world's most famous diet | Mail Online


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Hi Miss Candi - ive just posted that article too. the atkins flu only last a couple of days then you feel fantastic and get lots of energy!
Hi candi, I'll be interested to see your progress love.
hi guys, Thank you for replying, the book still hasnt arrived yet but i have decided to take your advice and have started atkins today! woohoo! It hasnt been so bad so far, the biggest problem ive had is snacks, between lunch and dinner i really wanted to carb out! So i ended up eating sliced meat to take my mind off it.

Could you guys just check that what ive eaten today is ok?

B: 2 boiled eggs, couple slices cheese and cucumber
L: 2 chicken slices, salad with mayo
D: 2 burgers, veg with mayo

Snacks: 1 babybel, a thick slice of cheese and 2 chicken slices

I feel like ive eaten too much, but im not sure.

p.s. can i have anything sweet at all? i have sugar-free jelly.

Thanks in advance!
Miss C xxxx
Looks ok Candi, what veg did you have?

I'd advise against the SF Jelly personally.

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