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Thinking of starting - blender help

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HI all

I've been lurkin for a few days now and I am thinking about starting CD as I am at my wits end with my weight!

Tried Celebrity Slim and loved the shakes, but it was the eaing part that knocked me off my game - I can't make sensible choices. Hence the thought of a few week SS to get my head in the game again

However, quick question on shakes - are they easy to shake by hand like the CS ones, or do I need a hand blender?

Thanks guys

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hiya, ive never used a blender with mine, but usually sick with tetras( ready made up cartons) they are easy when you are out and about and all shakes can be warmed to make hot choc! i dont personally like milkshake so this is only option for me. the tetras only come in three flavours but look on cambridge site and there are loads of flavours in sachets, suprisinly tasty too. good luck x


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If you have one of those sports/protein shaker makers with the plastic grid insert at the top you can get the shakes smooth enough in that. I have a hand blender that I find invaluable for the mousse mix, otherwise I know that some people use a conventional blender if they use ice in the shakes to make them thicker


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Hi hun
you have choices, you can buy the Tetra packs which are already mixed, chocolate, strawberry or banana - they tend to be very creamy and I find them rather rich BUT others adore them.
I used my shakes as latte or mocha coffees for the 1st week then went straight to then having them as a mousse, which adds 20cals per pack BUT is heavenly!
I know either have 1 mousse, 1 bar & 1 chicken & cucumber meal - OR 1 mouse, 1 bar and 1 soup!
I am on SS+ which means I can have 4 packs plus a little milk or 4 packs, little milk & a meal equivilent to a pack of green & white food basically...

Like most things - its to each persons individual taste - you just have to try each item really xx xx xx
I've found that the shakes and soups do taste a lot better with the hand held blenders (or a smoothy maker but there is much more washing up). When I first started CD I used a whisk but it doesn't seem to mix it up as well, I honestly thought that I wouldn't be able to finish this diet as it just didn't want to mix and there were lumps of powder. The hand held blnders make the shakes really frothy and yum. I once left my blender at home and had to use an electric whisk again, eventually I managed to get the mixture to the same consistancy but it takes 3 times as long and still doesnt taste as good.

All in all I say it's better to use a blender, mine was £6 from Argos and has been the best buy ever!!!!

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Heya Linzois!
I love my hand blender- It's 600w and I think that makes all the difference- crushes ice a treat and makes a lovely frothy mousse!

Philips - Hand blender HR1362/00 - Hand blenders - Juicers and blenders - Household products

Much easier to clean than a big blender and cost about £20 which I think is great investment as I used it 2/3 times a day :D

I sometimes use tetras, but I put them in a flask with some ice and top up with water, else I find them a bit too rich. Plus that way they go a bit further :D


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Hi there. I use a hand-blender which gives the best results, or use Tetras when I'm at work. You can buy a bargain blender in Sainsbury for less than £5 which must be worth it. Apparently you ought not use Tetras until week 3 but the rules can be bent. I find Tetras too thick so make them up to 300mls with extra cold water - yummmmm! I did try just using a tupperware container and shaking like mad but still found the shake a bit powdery.


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I use a magic bullet blender, it works really well (mix right in the cup, minimal washing up), but I am sure I worn mine out soon :D. I always add ice, and mix it for a while, it becomes a milkshake/ice cream like thing and I love it.


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I couldn't survive without my blender, only got a cheap sainsburys one at the moment and it does me fine. Had to use a electric whisk at my moms the other day and it was not pleasant, all lumpy.(note:- had 2 tesco blenders and both broke in no time..) xx


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I can't seem to do the shakes by just...er....shaking them. Weird little lumps of powder don't really appeal to me. I am a tetra fan and so live on those mostly but for other shakes you really would need a blender (unless of course, you like the little dry, lumpy "surprises") but depending on whether or not you want ice...you'll need something more substancial. I don't care, so I have a cheapy hand blender. :)


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Hi Linzois,

I use a hand blender for porridge, and the soup and my Magic Bullet for everything else. You will need a hand blender, I did try it with out for the first few days, and the food was yucky! So I would rather you go without the pain I went through - thinking all the food was yucky!! ha ha.

I use my Magic Bullet for the shakes, it breaks up ice really well, and for my mouse!

I have placed a link about it below (at the bottom of the first page it has a link to where you can buy it from- I brought mine from there):

Good luck for your start babe - I can't wait to hear how you get on.

Bethan x
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I couldn't do this without my blender.... I hate tetras and will use a protein shaker occassionally. I go through blenders like no bodies business..... I think I am on number 5 Ooops. I have bought dear ones and cheap ones. The best one (so far)was out of Tesco ( a tenner) ... it has a whisk and a food processor attachment.

Good luck whatever you decide
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the first day i started cambridge i rather stupidly didnt have a blender and attempted to hand whisk it/ fatal error. i cant stand the lumps although i know some people enjoy having something a but more solid in their mouths (ooh er)

i got a little coffee frother from debenhams for £3 which means i can whisk shakes up at my desk at work

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