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Thinking of starting Cd

Hi i'm thinking of switching over from sw to cd. I've tried most diets since my son was born five years ago but nothing has worked and ive never lost more than ten pounds. I feel that going onto a vlcd would be a last resort and hopefully a succesful one. I've contacted a consultant just waiting for her to get back to me. I must say that i'm very impressed with some peoples losses on cd, well done to those people. Well just thought i'd say hello lol, i'll let you know what i decide when i've spoke to the consultant. A big fear is i'm not keen on shakes so i'm hoping this can be worked around.
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Im not doing CD Im doing Exante (dont like the whole councellor idea lol) and am just about to have my first official wi in the morning. Ive always shied from a VLCD but got to the stage i felt it was my only option. I cant speak for CD shakes but I love all the Exante shakes and soups and its not been anywhere near as bad as I thought - and when I checked the scales yesterday Id lost 12lbs in less than a week

Go for it x
Every diet has it's good and bad points. But if all else has failed, you have nothing to lose, right?

If you don't like shakes, there is still soups, porridge and bars. You don't have to completely ignore the shakes though, as you could have the chocolate or cappuccino shakes warm, or make any flavour up as a Mousse. With a good blender you could also make a shake with some water and ice cubes, which will almost resembles ice cream.
hi there and welcome to the CD forum.
it was reading all the posts on this forum that made me want to do this diet and i'm now at the end of my 2nd day and its so far so good. :D:D

i tried slimming world too but found that i cheated my way around it. either too big portion sizes and forgetting to count a few 'syns'..!!!

for me i think i needed to do CD to shock my body out of all the bad foods i was eating and to gradually re-introduce proper portion sizes and good food into my diet.

also, from what i read on here myself, the results are truly amazing.

you and i seem to have the same BMI and around the same amount to lose so if u decide to take the plunge we could give each other a wee bit of support.

anyway, good luck in whichever weight loss plan u choose. we're all in this together lol :)

Emz xx
I've had an email back from the consultant and she seems nice.
I've told her i'm interested and have asked when i can meet her so just waiting for a reply.
I'm very nervous as i've never done anything this drastic before lol :)
dont worry kay,

i was terrified but the consultant put me right at ease and explained every aspect in detail.

hope u get a reply from her soon xx
first weigh in on monday...........sooooo cant wait!!!

ive been getting on fine so far thanks, day 1 and 2 a bit difficult but today was great.
really getting the hang of this now and i really thought i wud have caved in by now!!!

i have a wee apprentice working in my salon with me and she had a cheesy chip for lunch (which is my absolute fave!!) but i managed to not let myself even pinch one lol. :D:D very proud of myself haha. xx
I have to agree with fatboy slimming and say stick with an old diet it has been tried and tested. I've spoken to a consultant and am going to see her tuesday eek i'm excited now :)

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