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Thinking of starting Lipotrim!

Hi, Im Clare. I heard about LT from a friend who has done it in the past and has just started it again. She only has about two stone to lose and as I have about 5 stone to lose :mad: I thought I would do some research into it and I must say I have liked what Ive found very much!!!

You have all had amazing weightloss :happy096: , please tell me that these are typical losses if you just stick to the diet and that I can actually achieve the same!

Keep up the good work x
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Hi Clarejo

I have 3 stone to lose and have been on the diet for 3 weeks and have lost 1 stone 4lbs. its hard at the beginning and you might feel tired weak, get headaches and feel hungry but after about 5 days you will be in ketosis and you will feel like a different person. The shakes are nice ( if you havent already tried one) and they do fill you up.
I was worried i wouldnt lose weight too but there is no way you cant if you stick to this diet because of the low calories a day. my mate lost 3.5 stone in 3 months. so she has spurred me on

I was 13.7 when i started and want to be 10 stone which i hope is in another 2 months.

good luck to you x
Hi Clare-jo, I started with 8st to lose and have lost just over 5st in 16 weeks. I feel fantastic and the time flew by. I stick to it 100% and feel really well. I didn't find it too bad from the start except headaches and tiredness for first week or so.

Once you get through the 'pain' it just becomes a routine and is much easier than fretting about what to have on a healthy eating plan. If you decide to give it a go then good luck, if not there are lots of other options on this site, so welcome x
Yeah -getting into it as the girls have said is a pain -but with the right mental attitude you'll get there and if ya can manage to stick with it -PROPERLY-the results are fantastic.

Hi, I started back in April with nearly 9 stone to lose and am 3lb off my 7th! This diet has been the easiest one I have ever done but it does require willpower and determination.

The first week or 2 is the hardest but it really does get easier. Once you are in ketosis you don't feel as hungry. The shakes do taste strange to start with, mainly coz of the vits and minerals but I love all 3 now! I tried the soup and hated it and haven't had the courage to try it again yet! If I were you I'd try all the flavours and find out which you like - your tastes will change over time.

You can add coffee to the vanilla (latte) or chocolate (mocha) and can make the chocolate with peppermint tea (choc mint). You can have them hot or cold. I start the day with a cold latte and finish with either a cold choc or strawberry. I haven't yet tried them hot but may do as the weather gets colder.

LT say you should lose on average a stone a month but the loss does seem to be higher in the first month, mine has slowed down but not everyone's does.

Good luck with your start - you won't regret it (well not in the longterm - remember we are here to help you through the tough times.)

Thanks for all your replies. I think Ive made my mind up now to go for it! Im feeling really excited about it. Only thing is though I wont be starting until 6th October as its my birthday on 5th and my boyfriend has plans for me which I assume will include a meal. Oooh but I really want to do it now - what a dilemma!!
LT is a great diet and if stuck do you WILL get great results good luck with whatever you decide x


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i can't wait to start either.... i'd be on it now if i had any money left from last month *sigh* but i'm starting on 30/9 - i watched the "inspirational slideshow" last night and loved how everyone is so much more smiley in their 'after' pics - i can't wait to be smiley

good luck!!

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