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thinking of starting...

you must get lots of questions from people thinking of starting lipotrim, so heres another one lol.

those who have partners/families, how do you cope? My partner can't cook and I cook all his meals for him and myself. If i'm using lipotrim, i wont want to be cooking for him and not being able to eat it. how do i get around this? this is my main reason for not taking the plunge, although it is my partner who has told me to lose weight :S:S:S:S
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well hun,i still cook for my family.
i'm single and have 2 kids and if i didn't cook they would starve!

it is possible to do.i haven't been tempted to eat once.

at the end of the day food is not an option and as soon as you get your head around that,you will be fine and not tempted.

i find i like the look of food and love the smell but don't wanna eat it.

i also tend to want to bake cakes etc alot more now too.

best of luck,whatever you decide x
I'm now on day 3 and i was really worried about this cos I'v tried LT 3 times before and never got past day4.

This has mainly been due to cooking for hubby and kids. To my amazement, im not struggling this time and the only thing I'v done differently is getting support from here. It really has made a difference.

I nearly gave up on the evening of day 1, hubby came home from work starving and we had agreed that he would get his own meal. He was that tired that he suggested take away and said start the diet tomorrow. I nearly wavered because it was like i was being given permission to eat.

I logged on here, looked at everyones weight loss and stayed strong. I sent hubby and kids for the takeaway and made them sit in the car to eat it.

Not sure my mother in law would approve but it worked for me

the first week or so will be tough - can't lie to ya!

but after that, when you're in the groove, you'll be cooking roast dinners and fancy pies and really experimenting in the kitchen and it won't be tough for you. its really weird.

my partner is getting dinners he's never even thought of coz i've been so experimental and he loves to cook so i dont ven have to! just want to!

final note -

"this is my main reason for not taking the plunge, although it is my partner who has told me to lose weight :S:S:S:S "

lose weight for you, not for him, or you will resent not being able to eat anything - if you make the choice for yourself, it wont be a problem. xxx
thanks everyone, and sarahlou i agree i should be doing this for myself, and i am but hes the one who told me and it made me realise, i had my head in the sand before. plus i'd just had a row with him when i posted that LOL.
tell him to get lost, its for you and if you want to do it go for it :)
i agree tell him to do one about it! your life, your body - if you dont stick to it, you need him to pick you up, not say i told you so. but who says you wont!!

you'd be amazed at how many people have come on here and said i never thought i'd stick it out...

honey, i dont know you yet, but he sounds like he's trying to push you down a bit - so stand up straight and tell him to watch you shrink!! xx


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ugh, just spoke to my boyfriend about doing lipotrim and he just said that its just a flash in the pan and i wont stick to it anyway. thanks for the encouragment :(

Prove him wrong sweetie and do it for yourself.

Most of us are on this diet because others tend not to work because we have the opportunity to cheat with "free" foods etc, LT gives you no chance to do that. Do it for a week and see the fantastic losses that you will have and that will spur you on to do another week and then another etc etc.

You can get all the encouragement, support, advice and inspiration from us on here - we have all been through it and come out the other side very successfully too......

Take it one day at a time - yes the first week or so will be very hard but after than its a breeze :D :D and before you know it you will be at goal and looking even more beautiful and fantastic than you do right now :D :D

Please try and I am sure that you will do really well :D :D xxxx
hay hun if your head is in the right frame of mind you can do it . i cook for hubby 2 little ones and 3 teenagers it think that it comes down to d you realy want to lose weight . but i will say the longer you go on it the more you loss the more determind you are to stick to it . as time goes on it does get easier . your hubbys statement would make me more determind to prove him wrong . my family have said i wouldnt loss weight (mum dad and 5 brothers) this is my 3 week and they dont no iam on it and i wont see them till xmas i cant wait lol...go for it prove them all wrong
thank you so much everyone!! ive got an appointment at the doctors for 3.15, i rang up and she said it would be 2 weeks to get an appointment with the diet nurse, then she said oh we have a cancellation for this afternoon, its like im MEANT to be going and getting this sorted out today. Im going to see if i can get lipotrim from the nurse so it wont cost me as much.
It does look like its meant to be,

good luck and I'd be interested to know if you can get LT from your doc

this is not an easy diet you have to be 100% focused and 100% strict you got to get your head in the wright place before you can start, but if you just think of giving it a go half heartedly you will fail this diet is that simple do it or don't it you need 110% commitment it took me 6 months to get my head ready before i was ready to take on this diet, if your b/f said no ask him why ?does he not want you to get healthy? if you want to do this diet you will find a way, hope you can get it from your doc and sorry if i have been a bit blunt and to the point i just believe in this diet .


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It wont be as hard as you think. I prepare breakfast for my husband and he works late so eats at work in the evenings. In a way it is easier for me but I would be fine if I cooked for him too.

Actually I think that it is easier dealing with food.

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