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Thinking of trying the 'bars'


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Okay so I thought about the bars so just a couple of ?'s!!
1. What's everyone's opinion on the flavours are they similar to the shakes and what's the teture like (chewy, crumbley etc)?
2. Do they make any difference to your weight loss on ss?
3. My cdc said to stay of them as long as possible, is there any reason for this?
Any advice welcome thanks x

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there chewy i think. my favs are choc orange and the toffee one, there is a caramel one aswell. Most cdc's let you have them in week 3 because they have more carbs than the shakes. dont think they will make much if any diff to your weight loss. only one a day though. Go for it! and there cranberry (didnt like it) cant member other flavours


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Hi Camille,

I had my first bar about ten days ago and found it really disgusting. I think because I wasnt used to it and the texture is very chewy I didnt like it. I have them as I have now gotten used to them. I only have 4 a week though.
I did find they made me a bit bloated and I also only lost 0.5lbs after my first week of having them.

Not sure if they contributed to that but I will keep on having them as I find them quite satisfying.

Not sure about all the flavours, but I normally have chocolate,toffee and caramel. I did try cranberry but didnt really like it as well as the peanut one.

Maybe get a few to try.....


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I love the chocolate orange bar. It has dark choc around it and a chewy orangey centre. I chop it into small bits and have it with a hot drink or another shake. Some of the bars tend to give you windy pops, so it is advised to just have one bar a day (apart from the fact that they have more carbs and calories.) It does make a change from just a drink.


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I only like the peanut one - its kind of like a blended up Snickers and has a bit of texture to it.
The cranberry one i thought was vile, couldnt even stand the smell and the others, i felt like my jaws were going to go into spasm it took so long to chew them lol.

I havent had any negative impact on my weightloss from eating the bars however i limit myself to only 2 per week. The reason for this is i find my self very bloated and "windy" for about 12 hours after eating the peanut bars
The bars are an acquired taste! They take a bit of getting used to. I like the chocolate one, but my favourite's the cranberry. Makes a nice change from shakes (can't stand the soups anymore). I have about 3 bars per week, and it hasn't affected my weight loss.


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I Was Having 7 Bars A Week But I Think It Was Them That Knocked Me Out Of Ketosis,im Back In It Now And Ive Been Off Them For Almost A Week Now,but I Do Love Them So Its Soooo Unfair That I Cant Really Have Them.
I Lived On The Peanut Crunch Ones If You Like Peanut You Will Probably Like Them.
And Like Everyone Else Has Said They Make You Very Windy So Be Prepared,
Elaine X
I really like the bars it makes me feel like I am having proper food and they are filling. I like the cranberry ones and peanut was ok. I limit myself to 4 a week to even out any damage.


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All i can bring to this is...i tried the bars....they made me want to eat more, so i stopped them
I had my first CD bar last night at the cinema (toffee, very yummy). I thought I'd take one with me as the hubby and kids were going to be sat there munching Minstrels, Maltesers and Popcorn, so having something sweet to eat would stop my hand from creeping in to the Maltesers bag! It worked - I didn't cheat and I'm 2lb down this morning! :D

Haven't checked the ketostix this morning, but the scales have spoken for themselves.

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