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***Thinking thinner thoughts Thursday!!***


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Hi all!!

I really find these hour by hour threads useful even if i just pop in a couple of times so thought Id start todays!!

I've cut the old icing off and re-marzipanned the top teir of our wedding cake this morning, was easier than I thought it would be. Its for DS christening on the 19th.

hope you all have great days!!!
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Slimming down the aisle
Hi angela! They are useful I agree. I've had a crap morning so far to be honest! My uni was meant to pay me £525 about 6 weeks ago and every week it's been delayed. I spoke to them last week and they confirmed that everything was sorted and I'd get it this week, still nothing. So until they actually pay that I've got to wait on a cheque to clear next weekend, but until then I'm on do nothing. So looks like I'll be having next week off plan. Unless they hurry up! Which I doubt. Looking for jobs is probably my plan for the rest of the day really. It's starting to get really boring and really demoralising!


Slimming down the aisle
I have to say, I'm quite struggling today. Feeling like I want to comfort eat, but am trying to resist. Having a soup now, though it's really not appealing to me at all today. Maybe I should just sleep the day off!


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Hi Caroline, sorry you are having a tough day. Me too, I have a tight deadline for work and am finding it hard to apply myself. I just had the thought to have a DVD afternoon (I work from home) and try again this evening......the guilt will probably spoil my viewing pleasure though so will have another try to get on with things when I'm done here. You are doing so well on the plan I hope your money arrives on time to keep you in CD.

Sunshine Singer

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Hi everyone,

Great to hear from you on here Angela. How are you getting on?

Caroline, I hope that money comes through because you are doing so well on 1000. Hope you're struggling a bit less now. think of how well you've been doing. You really don't want to comfort eat :) top your fruit up hun xxx

Imagisal, hope you are feeling better too hun x

I'm pretty on top of the world right now:) I've lost over 2 stone and am under 5lbs away from my goal of 8st 11lbs. Cannot wait to be in the 8's! That's a bit of a dream. The compliments are coming again too which is always nice. I don't rely on them tho as I'm doing this for myself.

I'm on a high at the moment with having a lot on at the moment. Besides that wearing skinny jeans, leggings, mini skirts and vest tops is also keeping me really happy. Sorry a bit shallow but I love clothes and am glad to be able to wear what I love again.

Come on peeps, you can do this. Stay focused and on track and we'll get there together. Make sure you do one thing nice for yourslef oday xxx hugs


Slimming down the aisle
I've moved past the wanting to eat now, only managed half my soup though, and an apple. I don't seem to like the shakes and stuff so much anymore. Tempted to just have 2 bars a day, but don't know how much that would effect my losses. Feel like I'm at a bit of a standstill today, but I think that's just my moodiness!


Needs to stop eating!!
Urrrgh the soups are vile. I want to comfort eat too as my DD is ill she has been in contact with another baby with Swine Flu so im just about to ring the docs toc confirm.
Aw what a downbeat day everyone is having apart from Sunshine Singer. Nice thought for today....its Friday tomorrow and then its the weekend yey!!! As you can tell im on a high at the moment too and they keep asking me in work why and i keep telling them im just high on life and cant explain it any better than that. Try to keep your chins up people and dont go leaning on your old friend food as you will be more annoyed with yourself tomorrow if you dont resist xxx


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Wow Julie only 5lbs to go!!Sunshine S I want to feel as good as you, you have done so well and glad you are enjoying your results, a few new outfits for gigs I imagine.Yvonne, my daughters school has just has two cases of Swine flu, she is 13 and fit and healthy and I am concerned but with a baby it must be more worrying.
Thanks everyone for all the posts, it's the first time I have followed a 'daily thread; and it is good to share the ups downs and inbetweens. Well , I havent been 'working as such ' ( I should be at the easel as am a painter) but I did mow the lawn and water my pots and baskets and sweep patio!!! Better than following my inclination to veg out with DVD's Now going to try and at least do 30 mins painting, once I sit my butt down to do it it usually turns out ok and inspiration kicks in....it's just getting started....it's dealing with my procrastination where i drive myself NUTS!!! TTFN
I've also had a good day, had a slice of colour put in my hair a few weeks ago and was warned it would fade quickly the first time because it was put on top of bleach, so went back today as the children were laughing that I was going ginger today where it had faded and the hairdressers did it a darker colour this time and charged me half price as they thought it probably wasn't quite right last time.... woohoo... so with my savings I bought some leggings, a new top and a bolero type cardigan, oh yes and a pair of canvas pumps for £5..... so really pleased with today.... and also the scales have moved today for the first time in a week, so things are definately looking up..... just hope putting our new shed together tonight goes as well...
Well done Linda I had red put in my dark hair and absolutely loved it but mine faded mega quick and is now like a gingery colour im going to do a home dye tonight as going to a casino night tomorrow night and hairdresser cant fit me in till Sat so wish me luck!! Glad you spent the left over money on clothes thats my new favourite obsession clothes shopping. Imagisal I hope your daughter is ok my dear xxx


Slimming down the aisle
Hmm how strange, I have red put it my hair quite often, and it doesn't fade at all! I'll ask my friend what she actually uses if you like. It's a BRIGHT pillarbox red though, like a post box! She puts slices under my top layer so it flashes through. But stays a strong vibrant red for a few months!


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Hi all,

Just been at home today but busy day! getting house ready, washing,hoovering etc for going away this weekend and mum moving in for a night to look after DS and dog. Really looking forward to getting away and seeing friends at a wedding reception on Sat.

810's going ok but i am considering going back to SS for a bit after the 19th july before moving up plans for the final push!

Fingers crossed thats DS down for the night, away to have a quick shower then Torchwood and psychoville tonight-yaaay!!

Caroline-sorry about the Uni money situation, hope it comes in time but you're doing so well Im sure a week off plan wont be too bad if you keep it healthy and simple, lots of water.
Sitting here at mo with new colour on my hair and really dont know what it will turn out like EEK!!! Wouldnt be bothered but going out tomorrow night to casino night with Jess and would really like it to look good so cross your fingers for me please xxx

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