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Thirdtimelucky's LLL Journey


Releasing the goddess
I know the Lite forum is quiet, but wanted to have a little space for me to share my experiences of LLL. Feeling a tad insignificant for it strangley....what happened to the assertive me that has been emerging.......

Anyways, hello to all, I have been in abstinence from 21st August this year and now opting to change to the LLL programme. Currently I am in ketosis, so do not have to go through the initial uncomfortable period.

This decision was not taken lightly and as I am in for the long haul, the slightly slower weight loss is not a problem. I would like to loss another 28lbs so cant wait to see what the next WI brings.

Even though I could have started last night, there was some hesitation, as eating and allowing myself to eat after so long of not being able to was weird and a little scary to say the least.

Not sure if I am allowed to talk about food, so wont for now, just in case others are reading that are in abstinence.....keep going you are all amazing.....

Well it is just after 6pm and I have had 3 packs and will have drank 2.5 litres of water (not including other drinks), by the end of the day. So all in all a good day.

Hope all of you are well. xx
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Hi ThirdTimeLucky - I've been doing LLL since september. i didn't have a great deal to loose anyway. It's been fine, but the weight loss has been very slow - slower than expected. Despite no cheating whatsoever, i only loose around a pound a week. I'm careful with my portion sizes, and if anything err on the low side. I'm drinking a lot, but it is very slow. I'm sticking with it, as there is no other way i can loose the weight, and Christmas is approaching! Take care, it will be interesting to see how you do. Mumbles


...we're sinking deeper.
Heya :)
I wish you all the best on LLL! It is a fantastic way to lose weight; it's not necessarily slower than abstinence as long as you are careful about your portion sizes!
I did Abstinence for 9 months, then over Christmas last year I did 12 week RTM... I gained about a stone and a bit back unfortunately, so I started LLLite in February this year for 4 months... and to be honest I learned a lot about myself and definitely learned a lot more about my relationship with food than I did in abstinence!

With only 2 stone to go you'll be at your goal in no time! :D Well, give it 2 or 3 months, it's really worth it. :) Personally I found LLLite to be quite easy going in comparison to abstinence. (Just keep an eye on the vegetable portion!) - The total for the day shouldn't realistically exceed 800 calories, and vegetables and even salad aren't 'free' calorie wise. I learned that the hard way! Lol.

And yes, you can talk about food in this section - the only place where you can't is on the main abstinece thread! So fire away, and good luck! ;)


Releasing the goddess
Thanks for the support.

Minerva, it is interesting that you learnt more on LLL than LL. I read on here somewhere that there are two types of people that do LL 1. those that see it as a prison sentence and 2. those that make a choice to do it and enjoy the process. I was beginning to see abstinence as a No.1. Now I am on LLL, this has become a choice and feel quite empowered that it was mine and only my choice and now it is me that choices what goes in my mouth.

I so want to be 'little' again. It makes me feel more feminine, sexy and above all me. This fat suit I live in is not the real me, I am hidden inside.....screaming to get out....and it is so close. So this is where I start to enjoy the LLL ride and release my goddess within...lol.

Mumbles, I have been reading your weigh in results each week and hope you are doing okay. You only have one more stone to go and will easily do that before xmas......have you got an outfit in mind?

Speak soon x


Releasing the goddess
Well it is calorie counting time...I dont plan on doing this all the time, but want to get an idea of portion sizes.

Can anyone recommend a good, free online resource for food and calories......thanks xx
Good to hear you feel positive - I hope you have the weight loss that Minerva talks of. I'm beginning to feel a little thinner, although as I mentioned it is taking quite a while. I may have to accept that. For some reason the weight just isn't coming off as I expected. The best part for me is not actually feeling hungry.
Portion sizes, I don't know. I haven't been piling on the veggies. and salads, just sticking to a normal amount, and as I said I don't feel hungry. I am worried though that the weight will creep back on afterwards. I'll have to deal with that later. Reading posts is good, I find it helpful.


Releasing the goddess
Yes I find post reading really helpful. Makes you realise that we are not the only ones with the tendency to over do it on the portion sizes and also that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Today has been a mixed bag. For some reason I am craving sweet things and spent today eyeing up a collegues roses chocolates and also on two occasions talking about tiramisu....strange. It seems with the permission to eat, even though I am not hungry, comes a whole raft of new voices in my head....oh go on, one wont hurt....if you have that then you can miss a pack later.....no one will see you......

Minerva, I guess this is where the lessons are learnt. I need to really get to the bottom of this. Not sure when it will happen, but please let the day come quick, where I am one of the slim ones in the room, who can say no to the slice of cake or the extra food left on my plate.

Lesson for today - my rebellious child is very strong willed and just doesn't let up! The interesting thing is that if I was to age this child, she would be around 2 to 3 years old, which is way off my 37 years, so why on earth would I talk like that in my head.......

Has anyone else experienced this, or managed to control the child voice?? x


Releasing the goddess
Even though I posted earlier, wanted to note how large a 200gram portion of Quorn is.......after so many weeks on packs my stomach has definitely shrunk.....


Releasing the goddess
Yesterday was a very unorganised day for LLL. I was hosting a large event at work and forgot to eat my 12pm pack, so by 8pm and only 1 pack down, it was either the buffet or wait until I could get home. So the buffet won, but I improvised with the choice to try and match the LLL programme. Again another lesson learnt.....plan plan plan.....take extra packs and take time for me.


...we're sinking deeper.
200g of Quorn as a portion I find way too filling now! The guidelines set out by LLL for protein portions I think are a little bit on the large side to be honest... And they don't seem to specify whether it's a cooked portion or not - as a cooked portion will be more calorie dense due to the evaporation of water from the product...

As per control... As you rightly noticed, this is exactly the type of diet program where you notice that 'niggling' feeling for a "cake" (for example), and you start to question 'why' you seem to need that piece of cake - is it just because it's there? Is it because of peer pressure, because everyone else is having it and it is perceived that you "should" have one too? Is it because on a biological level your stomach/mind have responded to the smell/sight of the cake and expecting to HAVE it - made the stomach acid to receive it and as a cnsequence making you think you're hungry? (this hunger actually goes away after about 5 minutes! :) ) Or is it because you have a predisposed association (emotional hunger) with this cake and a certain feeling (i.e. stress/depression/happiness etc)?

There are many questions we start to explore on LLL, among which is learning what 'true' portion control is, how much we truly need in our dinners - and actually it's nowhere near as much as we are led to believe a lot of the time.

And yes. Planning is extremely important. Having set times, knowing what and when you can have things, teaches discipline. Many of us make mistakes by making our lives too busy for food, so we have developed a 'grab-and-go' culture without really considering what we're having and how often. ... and usually if we tally up that muffin we grabbed, that chocolate bar, that cookie, that flapjack, that packet of crisps ... plus dinner, plus all the latte's... oh wait a minute that comes up to HOW many calories in a day?! :eek: ... we lose track in a fast-paced life. It's easy. Plus, alot of the items we THINK are healthy (flapjack/energy drinks/even "Special K"/ and products MARKETED as "healthy" - even fat-free yoghurt!) are actually nutritionally abhorrent and horrifying. Sometimes, the amount of sugar and salt present in "healthy" foods are enough to kill an elephant. ;)

So, I hope your LLLite journey is going well, I have meant to respond here sooner, but have been so excruciatingly busy with coursework ... only found a brief 5 minutes now because I'm procrascinating and really don't want to read and go through yet ANOTHER book!



Releasing the goddess
All is good thanks Minerva, but slow..I stayed the same at WI on Thursday, however this is down to me, so just need to make the necessary adjustments and get on with it.

Water needs to be a new focus as I have been putting this off and as you and I both know planning is soooooo important. I will have this sorted by tomorrow eve. Making a meal plan and filling in a food diary is going to be key to my success. So will begin to list my packs and food on here from tomorrow and plan on sundays to ensure my cupboards have all the necessary ingredients for success.

I took sometime this morning to reassess why I am doing LLL which was just what was needed to give me new focus. Interestingly, there was not one reason I could give myself for not doing it.....not one, so this is it now until the next 2 to 3 stone is off...however long it takes and whatever life throws at me.

How is everyone doing? Minerva, I have been reading your story and your progress to date....and did I see one of your recipes in the LL mag last month?? I should be studying too, but just cant find the discipline to do it tonight...

Mumbles, how are you doing? Is your weightloss still slow? You may have a week where is all catches up and be amazed.

Michelle, not sure about the starbucks drink....think the book says 300ml of milk, so as long as it is no more than that, then cant see a problem? Let me know if you find out.....

Stay warm everyone and take care xx
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Releasing the goddess
Food Diary - Saturday, 14th Nov 09

3 x Packs (vanilla with coffee, porridge & veg soup)
Meal - 2 eggs, scrambled with plenty of black pepper
Milk in cups of tea
x 3
Water - 2.1 litres
Mood: Happy and determined


...we're sinking deeper.
It may take a while, but you will get there... Remember to tell yourself that you are doing extremely well (which you are!!) and never be down heartened about Stay-Same weeks... I had quite a few of those, and in the end I actually stopped being emotional about it... At first I would get really depressed that my "efforts" yielded no loss, and I physically wanted to go home and "binge"... but at the end of the day, it just doesn't work that way... by the end of Lite I didn't mind, because now I know that an STS week doesn't mean no loss... The role that bowel movements, activity levels, liquid intake and other environmental/biological processes that take place on a daily/weekly/monthly basis are immense...! I mean, my weight can and does fluctuate within a 3 lbs margin - and this can happen on a DAILY scale depending on a whole range of factors!

As for the recipe in the LL mag... yeah... it was mine, albeit an early one that isn't all that great. :eek: I've long since moved on to making much tastier stuffed peppers with a whole range of stuff. Mmm. I think you should invent one too. ;)

As for self-discipline to study... it needs to come from within... it's taking responsibility for your actions (not just with coursework, but also with the rest of your life, even food!). It's the realisation that no one else is going to do anything for you - so usually I tell myself, if I slip, there is no one else to blame. No one else "made" me fail. I find too many people say "Ohhh <someone> or <some inanimate object> made me do this!!" ... Well no. We need to remember that WE have the power of choice all along!

:D Now get on with your coursework missy! It ain't gonna do itself! And you'll only feel worse by avoiding it. ;)


...we're sinking deeper.


Releasing the goddess
Thanks Minerva, will check the site out later tonight. Yes you are right about the studying, I work full time, I am a a mum and the assignments seem to take last place in my list of priorities. However, this qualification will open many doors when it comes to moving up the career ladder.

Food Diary - Sunday, 15th Nov 09
3 x Packs (Vanilla with Coffee, 2 x porridge)
100g Chicken, 100g Low fat cottage cheese + mixed veg & salad
Milk in Tea and Coffee
2 litres of Water


Releasing the goddess
Food Diary - Monday, 16th Nov 09
3 x packs (Vanilla with Coffee, Veg Soup & Porridge)
Had prawn salad at lunchtime. Dont think my salad portion was enough
Water...not enough today.Will try and get a litre in before bed.
Fantastic calorie/recording website

Well it is calorie counting time...I dont plan on doing this all the time, but want to get an idea of portion sizes.

Can anyone recommend a good, free online resource for food and calories......thanks xx
This website is very good. You can keep your food diary on it and it provides calorie equivalents, and you can add your own.


The Daily Plate on LIVESTRONG.COM - Calorie Counter, Weight Loss, Food Calorie Counter, Nutrition Facts | LIVESTRONG.COM


Releasing the goddess
Thanks MinnieMel! x


Releasing the goddess
Food Diary - 17th Nov
3 packs, Vanilla + Coffee, Veg Soup & Porridge
Cottage Cheese, Toms, Mush, Onion & cucumber - Yum

I love this diet! It makes me feel like I am able to make the right choices, which gives me confidence in myself and the future. Celebration chocolates where being handed round at work yesterday. I said 'no thank you','I wont be able to eat chocolate until late January'. One of the woman in the office, who is very overweight and eats a few bars of chocolate a day looked at me in horror. And was really concerned that this was not normal......lol. There is not one person in the world that can waiver my focus now I have settled into Lite. Cant wait for WI on Thursday xx


...we're sinking deeper.
Well done on passing of the chocolate! It's a lovely lesson to learn - the power of choice! Just because someone is giving us something and expecting us to take something... doesn't mean we have to! :) Lite is indeed a great diet that way. It's giving you a little more than abstinence did, so that life seems that little bit more normal, so that it can regain balance.

I guess we all make life choices... Your life choice is to go on a lovely diet and tackle something that bothers you. Maybe her weight doesn't bother her and she is happy the way she is (or content), hence she wouldn't see the need for someone much smaller than her to have to resort to such 'drastic' measures... I don't know, it's all down to the individual, and you must never ever feel threatened by what someone else thinks. Opinions are only words... And always do remember, that the only opinion that should affect your decisions in any way, are your own. Doesn't matter what someone else says or does. They have their own lives... you are living your life for you.

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