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this diet is a PITA!

No no no lol!! I stuck with the diet. I didn't cheat one time. No junk no snacks and kept my dinner close to 500 as close as I can. I exercise ever day fir a half hour. 500 calorie I burn ... thank u by the way
thats sound great.
so pissed that I don't live in the US :) need to wait 2 weeks before the slim fast products arrive at my house (israel)...
meanwhile i'm just winging it, doing a little diet of my own
The slim fast is good! Its just hard to train ur body all over again with only eating 1 meal. Buuuuut its worth it. And for faster longer results, exercise!!! I like exercising an awesome stress reliever !! And feel great. Good luck with the diet!
basicly, since it's really expensive to ship the products every month to isarel, I'll try and start with the shakes only. meaning, I'll drink 1 shake when I wake up, and one shake for dinner and a 600-cal-meal for lunch and in the middle i'll either order those snacks thingy or just eat some apples or somethings else thats healthy and under 100 cal 3 times a day. plus I just ordered an exercise bikes and should receive it soon so that's what I'll do for workout...
good plan?

and do you think this diet is much more effective then just keep with the 3-meals-per-day classic diet with no snacks or anything and just eat healthy and exericise? how much weight can you lose with SF per week?
I think u need 3 meals 3 snaks a day... here is why. Ok once u loose ur weight n stop this diet, u will have to maintain ur diet right? Yes so if u only have 3 meals a day with no snacks u are limiting ur self to foods. But if u snack in healthy food and eat healthy meals I think that's much better fir u. How u diet n eat should stay the same after dieting ( consumption) cuz most prob with diets are gaining n not maintaining. So my plan is diet n exercise and then after I loose my goal weight is to keep exercising and have 2-3 healthy snacks a day. Fruit for breakfast, small lunch and 500 calorie dinner. So I DON'T gain the weight back. :)
I've heard ppl loosing 50 pounds!! I've lost 18 in a month. And I lost 45 a few years ago. ( I gained it back cuz I got pregnant ) but I maintain it n keep it off.
The slim fast can get pricey buuuuuut if ur not eating b'fast or lunch its actually cheaper to buy the powder mix then food.
ok I see.
then how is this for a plan:

5:30 - shake
8:00 - snack (apple)
12:00 - lunch (600-700 cals)
15:00 - snack (choclate bar - 103 cals)
19:30 - shake
21:00 - snack (not more than 100 cals)
00:00 - going to sleep, so the last food I eat is at least 3 hours before I go to bad.

how is this sound?
if it's good, then I can save the cost for the snacks and bard of SF and just buy the shakes...?
I don't understNd ur last part bard?? Ur plan sounds good! As long as u can hold off all night with no food!! :) I can't! Lol. I do the powder cuz its cheaper n u get more n I buy slim milk 90calories total is 180 I also but the snacks in bulk. But if ur not doing the smacks and just doing like fruits n veggies no prob. Hope it doesn't get boring thow. Id buy a box of 100 calorie snacks and mix it in like 2 times a week maybe. Some times I get bored n have a slice of lean lunch meat, its only 30 calories I dunno if im not supposed to but its CHANGE and I need that after a month. Also when u hit ur platue of not loosing weight ... about after u loose 10 don't give up. Exercise more and shock ur body by taking 3-7 days off ur slim fast n eats like fruit for b'fast and a small lunch and small dinner and u will start loosing again. Ur body gets used to ur duet n u stop loosing so u have to trick it. Just don't do junk n fast food. Id wait about 3 weeks into ur diet so u don't like the old food aa much n give up the diet n not re start it!
ok so basicly I need to do the SF thingy for a while and then switch to small meals every now and then until I start loosing weight again and then switch back to the SF pattern?

and by the way - how do I make the shake? I understand thats theres powder, but how do I make it? and what type of milk should I use?
To maintain it yes. Skim milk has 90 calories n u can't tell a difference .. the powder comes with a scoop 1 scoop 8 ounces of milk. I hear ppl put it in a blender to make it thicker n also put bannanas to fill em up more
Total weight lost was 20 and I gained 5 back :( I drank a bottle of wine ( o got a tattoo yesterday and needed alcohol lol) and I ate like 3 hot dogs rolled in cheese and crissant rolls and rated tots :( im really pissed I ate all that. I don't understand how I gained 5 pounds just from that!! So im bummed a bit! ! This diet is good, but also sucks cuz it makes me want to go on binges!
wow that's sucks... and yes, for me its also the worst when I think "why did I just eat that? I didn't need it" a second after I'm done eating, and a second before I "had to eat it", and now feeling sucky.
hope you continue only down from here on :)

I just received my SlimFast shakes now + bought some snack bard (98 cals...) and starting tommorrow (first shake 5am :D)
wish me luck!
yea I hope I won't slip, at least i'll try.
first day went pretty ok... just finish 35-minutes workout, now going to bed.
I don't want to weight myself now becuase I want to see the actual results in a week or so, so I can see that it's working for me.

By the way, when do I need to cut out SF for a while and do some regular food? I'm not sure if it was you on this thread or someone else who told me that after a while the body is getting to know the SF and you need to take break from it or it would stop work becuase the body is getting used to it too much...

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