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Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by juju_doll, 12 November 2006 Social URL.

  1. juju_doll

    juju_doll juju_doll

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    Just thought i'd drop a little note in to say hello as it's been alittle while and say how fantastic this diet is. I know we're not eating pizza and chocolate but i haven't felt so in control of my eating for years and i'm so pleased the weight is coming off. I finally believe that i can get down to a normal weight and i'm so excited about it.... just wanted to share my good mood and have a happy rant!!!! Have a good Sunday!
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  3. Isobel1965

    Isobel1965 Gold Member

    Aw - you sound well happy, juju - that's brill!!!

    Enjoy your day!!
  4. Roch

    Roch Minimins gal x

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    Hi Julia, well done 2 u for getting 2 a stage in your life where u feel that u r in control of your food and u r happy 2 be on a vlcd.
    Shout it from the rooftops hun and why not.For so long our weight controls most aspects of our lives and then u find a plan that really works for u and u give it your all,u have lost 13 lb in 2 weeks and thats amazing u deserve to be in a good mood and have a happy rant.

    These are the posts we luv 2 read on a Sunday morning, its sooo nice to see that our memebers are doing so well and on the way to changing their lives 4 ever.

    Sorry if i waffled on a bit,feeling a bit emotional this morning and your post was the first i read,it has really put a smile on my face.
    Have a good day hun xxx
  5. Russiandoll

    Russiandoll Carpe diem

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    Cambridge Weight Plan - Step 1
    Enjoy this feeling ju-ju and keep it (and any other positive experiences along the way) locked in your heart so if you encounter any tough times ahead (and most of us do) you can remember back to this feeling and it'll keep you focussed.

    It IS a great diet and you're doing so well: you'll be looking your goal in the face in no time. :)
  6. magickmel

    magickmel Loves VLCD's !

    Lighter Life and now CD
    Hey Julia,
    its great isn't it feeling in control of food rather than food being in control of you? I love it too ! Feeling in a good mood about this too ! Thanks for posting.
  7. Brad0053

    Brad0053 Silver Member

    Hi Ju Ju

    It's a feeling we all have about the diet hun.

    It's quick and it works - what more can one ask for.

    Good Luck on your journey :D
  8. Ivy

    Ivy Silver Member

    I have to agree the crushing feeling of being out of control is replaced with a sense of inner strength untold on this diet.

    I always feel like i'm one step ahead of the game on SS...

    May the feeling last!

  9. Lyndsey66

    Lyndsey66 Full Member

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    cambridge diet
    Totally agree! This is such an easy diet!
  10. Jelly belly

    Jelly belly Member

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    I agree with you JuJu Doll,

    I think all through my life i have controlled my emotions with food, if i was sad i ate chocolate, crisps and drank wine. if i was happy I'd have a curry with the works whether i was hungry or not.

    This diet has anabled me to realise that I can contol the food rather than the other way round.

    Unfortunately it has also made me realise that things at home perhaps are not as they should be and I buried my unhappines with food.

    You are doing so well congratulations
  11. debz32

    debz32 Gold Member

    Here here Juju Doll !!!

    Well done on your success so far...:D and good luck for the rest of your journey !


  12. Cake'n'eat it

    Cake'n'eat it Full Member

    Lighter Life
    Well done - its good to come online and find such positivity - Its definitely catching! :) :) :) :) :D :D :D :D :) :) :) :)
  13. kazz

    kazz Gold Member

    Me too.....I love doing CD....for the first time in my life when everything else is going wrong, food (or lack of!) is the only thing going right!
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