This is it boys, this is war!

Hey all,

Okay....this is really it now. If LL doesn't work it will be the Gastric Band and I really don't want to go down that road!

I have been overweight since I was 12 and am now 28. I've been anywhere between 15.7 and 21.7 in that time and am at 17.9 now. The lightest I've been is 13.10 and that was on Cambridge but when I came off I didn't do it properly and put it all back on and more rapidly.

What drives me mad is that I am an intelligent person...I have a 1st class degree and am going back to uni in Sept to do post-grad, I know I have will power as I recently quit smoking after 14 years and I have common sense so WHY CAN I NOT LOSE WEIGHT?!?! :confused: It's like there is some kind of barrier in my brain...I know it's impulsive....I seem to graze all day and even when I feel full/sick/disgusted wiht myself I don't seem to be able to stop.

I joined Slimming World in October but four months on I weigh 6lbs more than I did when I bloody joined!

This really is it for me now, if I can't do it on Lighter Life I am going to take super drastic actions and have part of my stomach lopped off but I really don't want to get to that point.

I have my introduction session tomorrow and a doctor's appointment on Tuesday and then it will be go go go!

I'd really appreciate any friends and support on this journey....I'm pretty confident that I'm beautiful on the inside and I want the outside to reflect that too!!

Any words of encouragement from LL veterans or others just starting out are very welcome :)

Nicole x
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Hey Nicole, LighterLife does wonders!

I really hope it works out for you.

I'll keep a lookout on your diary if you need any help.

Good luck for your introduction tomorrow.

Thank you! A big part of me is scared that it will be the Cambridge Diet all over again...also, someone told me that 'a lot of people get gall stones/have to have gall bladders removed/get kidney failure/explode/die/get abducted by aliens' etc.
I'm feeling positive though....


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There are always positives and negatives about any diet. :p

It's good that you're going into it possitive


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The big difference between LL and other similar VCLDs is that every meeting includes a counsellings season so that you can start to look at why do you react in particular ways etc. Trust me I'm five weeks in and can't sing LLs virtues highly enough.


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Hi nicole

I was aprehensive at first, heard all the horror stories too! But lighter life really has been the most brilliant thing ive done!! As well as losing weight, i have self esteem confidence and the ability to say no to people, which i never could before! I too am studying and i must say never noticed how much i used food during those times!!
Good luck with your journey
Carly x


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Hi Nicole
You are a strong women and at least you know you have a problem to try and fix it. I was in denial for along time but at least you recognise the signs and you know you want to change you have got the will power and the determination so there is no way you won't get results from this.
One thing I tell people that say to me well you gave up smoking can't you just eat less? Well no. It's one thing to give up a bad habbit it's another thing intirely to give up something your body NEEDS to stay alive. We all NEED to eat so I believe it's much harder to diet than to quit smoking. Otherwise we'd all be slim.
As for your worries about putting all the weight back on at the end I'm the same. Put the proof is in the pudding. We won't know till we get there. I'm 2 weeks in and even though I am struggling today I am so possitive that I will look after myself and won't alow myself to get This big again.
Def come back here whenever your feeling low. This site has stopped me eating tonight. That's for sure.
Good luck with your journey :)
MJ x


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Hi there and welcome!
And congratulations on choosing LL.
It's life changing. No two words about it!
I see it every day on here and every week in my LL group.
Stick to this forum, attend your classes and it will all start making sense soon!
I promise you!
Good luck! :)

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Welcome and Good Luck, I can promise you Lighter Life really does work, and it works fast and like magic!!! Totally brilliant and has changed my life... We are all here to support you :)



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Hi!! It works! I lost a lot easily the first time, lived CBT but didn't take it in properly, I'm on my second round and this time nit only will I lose it but I'll keep it off, and so will you!!! I couldnt do Cambridge not without the CBT and that's what you get with LL the support from your LLC and your group, SW was no good for me either, it's calories in calories out! The people on this forum are fab!! Full of support and good advice, go for it!!! X

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Hello beautiful Nicole and welcome to LL/minimins - a great combination. I hope your intro session went well and look forward to following your progress here. :welcome: xx
Wow!! I feel humbled by how supportive you all are...I feel really excited about starting and am super looking forward to having other folks to talk to about it.

The CBT is definitley a big plus as I know I have a bad relationship with food....bring it on!

N x


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Hey Nicole, I am no veteran only week 3 for me but LL is probably the best programme I have ever embarked on to lose weight. I absolutely love the CBT sessions they are so refreshing.

You will find so much support on here, good luck with your journey looking forward to hearing how you find it nd how you get on with LLx


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Hello, and welcome, Nicole! LL is fab! Good luck! Xx


Hi Nicole, good for you for making this decision. I am so chuffed that I did, although I am only on week 2 I have already lost 1 stone!! It was my second weigh in today and it has spurred me on to keep going...I had a gastric bypass opeartion back in Jan 2005 and although it helped me to lose 12 stone, 3 and half of this has gradually crept back on. The LL diet is very similar to the diet I followed after my op, but the main difference is the support you receive with LL. I didn't receive any form of 'food issue' therapy before or after my op, therefore as I didn't deal with my 'demons' I have allowed it to creep back on. I see LL as a refresher at what I should have done, and a second chance at getting this weight off and keeping it off..good luck wiht your journey - go for it girly :)