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This is it!

I am on day 2 of LL total and just got some pink on my pee stick so reckon I am about to go into ketosis. I have tried every diet going but usually give in because I cheat and get away with it but this is it, no more diets, this is my life, my new life, the new me, the real me and no one can stand in my way.
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going to do it!!!!
good on you keep going!! i was meant to start cd on monday but cd councillor didnt reply so i joined ll on tues night. you sound a bit like me , last year i tried every diet going and weighed more at the end of the year than the beginning!!! ive done ll before and lost nearly 4 stone but thought i could manage the management part myself but couldnt and hence here i am again!!
im on day 3 and am doing well , have had a sneaky peak and have lost 5 lb already!! amazing!
we can both do this and this is just the beginning of our new slimmer lives xx
hi Im new to all this I have been on LL nearly 7 weeks so i am half way there and have lost 21 pounds so it definately works,,I truly hope it starts coming off all the right spots tooxx
Great to have some people going through the same journey. Got a good pink stick this morning so definately in ketosis, not even really that hungry this morning. Have to say I have noticed how much I normally eat without knowing. Like opening my little girls yogurt pot I had to stop myself licking the lid and from licking my finger when I got jam on it making her a jam sandwich! Takes a lot of concentration!
please tell me it gets easier psychologically ? I can cope physically with not eating even when I'm a bit hungry but its the torture of food adverts, cooking family meals and going into grocery shops that is toruring me, it shouldnt though I mean whats the big deal, I just bought a bottle of water in the shop because I was itching to buy something. Maybe I'm addicted to spending money on food!! :boohoo:
I wrote a letter to myself!

posted twice so deleting this one!
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I wrote a letter to myself!

Dear Sandra
I am writing to you to remind you why you started out on this journey. Newsflash! You are fat! And it’s not like you like being fat, in fact you absolutely hate being fat. And because you hate being fat you get depressed about it and you eat because you feel bad about yourself. You “try” to lose weight but you give up quickly because you cheat. Then you get fatter and eat more because you are depressed about still being fat.
You decided to do LighterLife because you wanted to do something serious about your weight. You are sick of being fat and you are doing something about it. OK so maybe it won’t be easy, but nothing is going to be as easy as it was for you to eat all that food in the first place.
You are not hungry, you can’t be your body is in ketosis so it is impossible. If you want to eat then there is some reason in your head for it, figure out what this reason is. You are a grown woman so things like “I’ve had a bad day” or “I’m tired” don’t cut. You are not a child, in fact you are a mother now. There is no reason for you to eat until you reach your goal, you are not hungry. And even if you think you are hungry, you’re not! It’s physically impossible so grow up and take some responsibility for your actions. So what if you get bored of the food packs. If you cheat then that just leaves you one step further away from giving up the food packs and eating again.
This eating plan is temporary. Being fat lasted much longer. You managed to stay fat for years but you can fix that in a few short months so stick with it. Then you can learn to eat food appropriately and enjoy the remainder of your life without being fat.
OK, so you might hit a rough patch, but don’t eat, eating only makes you feel bad after you have done it and when you feel bad you are more likely to eat. This is a vicious circle and you have decided to break it so don’t even attempt to draw that circle again.
You don’t want to be stick thin, you just want to enjoy clothes. Imagine being able to walk into any shop and be able to look at clothes without having to sneak a look at the sizes and end up buying shoes or accessories instead because nothing else will fit.
Think of the photos at Sarah’s wedding. Do you want a constant reminder of how you failed at this promise to yourself or do you want to look back and know you looked and felt great?
Think of Julia. Do you want her to be an only child? You are not going to allow yourself to get pregnant again until you lose this weight so if you give up you are giving up on her and on your future children. Do you want her to have the same issues as you have with food and end up fat herself? No you don’t because you know how unhappy you are being fat and the last thing you want is for Julia to be unhappy.
Think about it. Do you want Julia to lose her mother at a young age? At your starting weight you are putting yourself in danger of heart attack, stroke, diabetes, cancer... Do you think your body would be able to cope with a serious illness in its current fat state? No, it won’t!
If you are having a tough day, get over it. You are an adult. All adults have tough days but not all adults are fat like you. Learn new ways of dealing with tough days and really concentrate on the reasons why you are most tempted to eat. Record them and learn to replace this temptation with something else.
Only you can do this. This is the most important thing you will ever do for yourself. You deserve it. You are a good person, you just made some bad food choices in the past. You are a wonderful mother who longs to be able to be more energetic and confident for the sake of her daughter.
You will succeed because you truly want to. Take it one day at a time and before you know it your dreams will have come true and you’ll be a new you.
P.S. If you are reading this letter because you were tempted, congratulations. Instead of eating you decided to read this letter which is already an improvement on eating automatically. Remember how you felt when you wrote this and continue on to your goal.
Love Sandra

I loved your letter to yourself, in fact I am putting it in my favorites to read it again!
Thanks for sharing:)
Thanks. I hand wrote it old fashioned style. Gonna put it in a stamped, addressed envelope and give it to my LLC and if I am struggling ask her to post it to me!
I dropped in this evening to swap some food packs and got weighed. I've lost 4lbs since thursday, and I'm never going to see those 4 lbs again, ever!
another 2lbs gone at meeting tonight so 6lbs total in week one!
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oops, kind of been neglecting this diary!

well I had a lovely day today went for a walk in the woods with my husband and little girl and also to the playground, great to have a bit of sunshine for once. Also managed to fit in to a size 16 pair of jeans from the back of my wardrobe so was in great form. Came home and cooked dinner for hubby and daughter - roast chicken, mashed potatoes, and mashed carrots and parships with lashing of gravy. It smelt wonderful and I really wanted to stick a lump of chicken into my mouth (a bit with skin on it!) while I was carving it. It took everything I have to not do it and I threw the piece to the dog but boy does the house smell so good. I boiled the kettle and made myself a nice cup of green tea! Trouble is I made too much so they'll be having the same dinner tomorrow!

Oh and I spent half the day tugging on my jeans because they kept falling down! Granted they are stretch denim but yay!
Only lost 2.5lbs in week 5 but managed to get under the 15 stone milestone so now 14 stones 11.5lbs who knows maybe I'll get a big loss this wednesday!


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Congratulations and well done getting under your 15 stone barrier!:happy096:
I'm half way to the 14 stone barrier after last weeks weigh in at 14 and a half stone. Finding it hard to fit in all my water this week. Don't know why, I keep trying but just haven't been fitting as much in as I would like. Hopefully I won't stay the same this week. Weigh in tomorrow evening so drinking plenty today and tomorrow to see if that helps.
feeling really positive today after another good loss. I am so glad I decided to do this for myself and will definately see this out to the end


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Congratulations on your excellent losses, and brilliant resolve. This is the best gift you will ever give yourself!! I loved every moment of my journey and it seems you are too, and certainly now seeing the benefits. I cannot believe that I was about to start this time last year :)


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