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This is just so hard

I have read that a lot of people take 3-4 days to get into ketosis. That is when the hunger subsides. Try to make it a couple more days. I have heard that drinking sparkling water can help. I am sure you will get lots of posts in a few hours from longtime Exante dieters who can give you more tips on beating the hunger pains. Don't give up yet :)


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It will pass I'm sure it will. I was very hungry my first week, but just finished week 2 and find that sometimes I feel full before I even finish a soup or whatever. And that lasts till next meal. I have to fill up on water though (fizzy best for me - I prefer it and it seems to help me feel full)


I can do this..
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Hi Sparkle x,
Hang on in there it does get better. Drink lots of water, sparkling seems to fill you more, tea & coffee as well. After a few days the hunger pangs will lessen. I have been doing it 5 weeks now and sometimes I forget I haven't eaten, I end up having my soup and bar pretty close together in the evening. I'm sure you'll get lots of response from very knowledgeable people later today, until then just drink as much as you can, keep sipping all day long, it really does help...:):)
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You can do it Sparkle, drink plenty of water and stay focussed on your goal.

I just started on Exante today but did LL for 5 months some years ago, after the first week you really do start to feel good.



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Hi Sparkle

It is difficult hun but from what others say it does get better, try and stay focused and think of your goal. I to struggled up until day 5 but today i feel surprisingly better. Not hungry like i was feeling.
Drink lots of water and come on here as we will help you get through it, i know because i was feeling like you and posting on here did help.
Good luck hun and hope it gets better for you soon.



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I dont know if i can do this, i am only on day two and i am so hungry :-(

You can do it - others have done it BUT it really is hard but it does get much, much better. If you can survive week one you will find it far easier. Try to avoid any contact with the sight and smell of food - as much as you can. Thats tough too being a mother - but is only so hard at the start. If it was like this all the time, no one would ever do it.
Good luck


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You could always have a 4th pack if you are really hungry, it's much better than caving in and throwing in the towel :D


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Sparkle_x said:
I dont know if i can do this, i am only on day two and i am so hungry :-(
I used to split my soups into 2 cup of soups which helped me in the first week, now i struggle to eat all 3! Some people split their shakes as well


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Hang in there sparkle! I promise it gets easier - just do whatever you can to get through the next couple of days. Go to bed a bit earlier if you can, have a bath, anything really that will pass time and distract you. Once K arrives I'm sure you'll feel much better. :) xx

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