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This is my Final Diary

Hi Everyone

I am making this my final diary I know I have not been feeling positive much always been on the negative side but now I have been having a think about it and I am going to start and be positive and help and support you all I know some of you are losing patience with me but at least Im going to try and get really dedicated to my points I am going to have a word with my ww leader and ask her If ive got to pay for the missed weeks even though I got a card from her .
So please can we all who have been losing their patience with me please accept me again and start and help each other thats what losing weights all about I would like to say a big Appolojise to Marie and Clare .

If we Help each other we will lose weight

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Bethany, you sound so much more positive Hun, I am sure you can do this. I am sure you will not have to pay for missed weeks, i have done this before and whenever i get a card from my leader i take it with me and i do not have to pay. Please go to the meeting and stay they make you feel so much more positive about things you know.

Lots of love Busy XX
Yes Busybee I was just fed up of being negative it was making me feel sick so do they send you this card because they want you back at the meeting



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Yes Bethany they want you to come back so they can offer you the support you need. Leaders are not only there for when you are doing ok with the diet they are also there for when things are going wrong to give you support and advise, so go back and i am sure you won't regret it.

Love Busy XX


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Bethany if you need help ask your ww leader if you could have a chat after the meeting to get things clear.....Im sure she will be very supportive.


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good luck bethany, the sooner you go back to your ww meeting the better you'll feel :D
Not feeling very well tonight

I am not feeling very well tonight I feel sick and dont feel right I think ive got myself worked up today and should not have so hope im feeling different tommorow


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Hi Bethany,

Today is a new day, start counting your points, stay positive and it will show on the scales.
Hi Everyone
I have been having a long think and i have decided that I am going back to my ww meeting I have had a word with the leader and she knows I have not been and I asked her if I have to pay the weeks missed and she said sometimes they take all the weeks missed back and you may have to pay but if they dont take the weeks back I just carry on from where i left of but wont be going this week going away from fri to monday . So I will be hopefuly starting back from next thursday go to my meeting next wed and I am going to be really positive and use all my points like people have said My Leader seemed really nice over the weeks i have missed she said she will do me free registration if they take the weeks missed back so that was good of her so dont want to let her down .

Take care


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Just think, you don't need to wait until after your weekend away. If you aren't going away until Friday, you could have 4-5 days this week where you could be doing Weight Watchers.

It's like the old lady who pee'd in the ocean - every little helps! :eek::D


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use this time to plan your diet bethany, make a list of all the foods and recipes you like and do a shopping list from that.

look through ww mags or on here and the ww site for delicious recipes you'll enjoy and plan treats for yourself to use all your points. good luck and enjoy your time away :)
Thanks fooddiary
I shall and i will plan out my meals and buy different foods and try recipies Ive got alot of ww magazines i always look through them and they have meal plans in what give you a idea on what to have and in the back there is also some updates on foods and so on with there points value which is a help too .

Going to have a new outlook

All I have been feeling right down latley fallen of the ww wagon . But i am going to have a new outlook . Going away friday while monday then on wed I am going to go back to my ww meeting and get started again if I have to rejoin again i dont mind as I want to lose weight and have a different out look and all the members on mimimus have been so supportive and I just want to say sorry to some of the ww members and hope we can have a fresh start and help each other thats what these forums are for . Had a word with my ww leader the other day and she has noticed I have not been. Told her I will be back next wed night .

Good Luck to all weight loss members :)


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Hi Bethany,

I hope you have a lovely time away and all the best with your new restart with WW.

Be sure to do all your body measurements and take some photos of yourself as now and these will help greatly as you go along.

Chin up, you can do this, just take it one day at a time and you will find like I am now they don't be long adding up!

Love Mini xxx
Hi Mini
Thanks Im looking forward at restarting my ww meeting again . Photographs of myself now and then when I lose a bit of weight you could look and see the difference I will keep my chin up I know i can do this but i think of how much ive to lose instead of taking little mini steps yes I can belive taking day at time will soon wont be long adding up
Take care
Back on my weight watchers diet again was going to go to my meeting tonight but something has cropped up but going next week as it is my star week and i will weight heavy but by next wed i will have it all over with sticking to my full points allowance . I think i will have to rejoin again next week but im not bothered about that as long as im at my meeting and are losing weight

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