This is so hard 2nd time around..

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Hi All,

I feel like I've been writing the same message since the start of Jan - sorry if I'm repeating myself...

I'm finding this so much harder than the 1st time - I wish I didnt have a break over xmas!!

I lost 7lbs this week - but I cant stop my self from eating a little something when I get home from work.. I'm not having a big binge or anything but thats not the point..

I've got a week off work and I'm scared that I'm just going to eat all the time!

I'm doing my OH head in - cos as soon as I've ate something I'm kicking myself and get so upset.. :cry:

I've got my week planned out with lots of trips to the gym and swimming to keep myself busy - hopefully I'll be able to stay strong..

Any words of advise??

Thanks everyone x
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Hi Foo fan,

I am new to lipotrim and I have had to make a stern promise with myself not to let anything other than what I can pass my lips. I know that if I do, thats it, its all over for me. And I also know, the danger if I don't stick to it this time it would never be easy a second time. I can be quite a defeatest when things get tough for me, yet when I am being strong for someone else I am stubborn as hell. So I wonder if your feelings now are due to the fact your mind is telling you that you 'failed' the first time so whats the point now?

It would take a heck of a lot of personal resolve to get through christmas on shakes, and I know I couldn't do it.

Write a list of all the reasons you should stick to it, and include even the ones that don't boil down to wanting to be slimmer. I did this on my first day and wrote things like :-

Wasting the 35 quid if I didn't stick to it.
Changing my terrible relationship with food once and for all
Being able to take my kids ice skating
Swimming in the sea and a pool without wearing huge T-shirts
Not getting diabetes when i'm older
Letting my partner see me naked (and looking forward to it!)
My self esteem going up so I DONT have to pick at foods to punish myself.
Letting my partner (who has bipolar) see that determination can change your life.
Proving once and for all I do have willpower.
Wanting to love myself.

And finally a huge one for me, my Mum passed away with breast cancer and I don't ever want to be too fat to detect a lump if it ever happens to me.

You CAN do it. Make a decision to make it all or nothing. Tell the food demon that you wont be around to listen for a while and take each day as it comes.

Best wishes xx


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My advice is that you see me when I come to work, so STOP BINGING.
Aww I do feel for you Foo, and reading the threads here seems to be more difficult second time around. All I can say is keep looking at your goals and remember them every time you go to put something in your mouth that you are not allowed.
Good luck hun, you can do it.


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i started back on the 7 and have been messing around with but what i found helped me was using some of my old maintenance when i felt i just couldnt face another shake and somehow thats cured me and im now totally back into it and have no intention of breaking it again until i reach my goal..take a look at my blogs, i wrote it all down to help myself :)

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Sounds like you have very positive plan for the week ahead, going to the gym, swimming, walking, all these things will make you feel so good that you will not want to break TFR.

A good idea could be to picture your week off work and how you will look and feel after the two scenerios?

How will you feel if you have exercised and pampered yourself everyday and lost another 5 or 6 pounds?

How will you feel if you have raided the fridge and lay around for your week off work?

When you think about it you really know the way you are going to feel best, but that is not to say that it is going to be easy, but once you start the process you will enjoy it and it will become easy and you will reap the rewards.

Good Luck - you can do it! :)


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Hey hunny, we all know how hard this is so dont apologise. Just keep your goals in mind and keep trying. Pleanty of early nights. Im at home at the moment all day with my daughter so sometimes I do find I have to fight boredom all day. It takes some people quite a few goes to get it right. Jut decided on a day and go for it! Keep reaching for the stars xx