This is the one!!


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Hi ladies :)

I've been through the whole list of different diets, and I think this is the one for me! I could never really handle anything faddy! So i hope to get to know you all a bit better and i'll be popping in and out of here quite a bit.

I started taking my diet seriously at the beginning of this month, and I haven't been calorie counting as such (ten years of that makes you almost an expert with the cal value of most things you eat regularly anyway!) What I have done is cut out the high cal junk and of course, chocolate! :cry:

I'm a bread, butter and cheese lover so that's all monitored now. I used to eat such a lot of bread and cheese that even cutting those down will make a difference. I am still breastfeeding my ten month old so I don't want to go nuts with starvation diets right now.

I'd also love to know what your favourite foods are (the ones that drive you nuts to give up!) and also if you have found any really decent alternative low cal versions. I have over 100lbs to lose in weight, (sorry, still need to get the ticker thing that sorted.)
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i been on mini for a few months and only got a ticker yesterday, not sure it i got it rite tho :S

i have always watched my cals, but not proper, just looking at the pack and going hmm thats high, eat.

lol now im using food focus, and all those graphs and charts really make u realise how much ur eating, great way of tracking for me.

i havent really given up eating any food, altho i think im going to have to cut down on carbs soon, as i need to sick start my weight loss.

i hear breast feeding is a great way to loose weight, so i think stick to it as long as u can lol

Good luck
I don't understand why so many people try the fad diets before they try calorie counting. Calorie counting doesn't sell you crappy fad products and it enables you to eat a balanced diet where as some faddy ones completely remove certain food groups (how the hell that can be good for you I'll never know).

My fav food that I cannot give up is chocolate. But I'm a complete chocolate snob and nothing that isn't at least 70% cocoa passes my lips... so it's not a disaster, and I only eat it every couple of weeks or so.


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Oh Hello welcome to what I call the better side lol Good luck with CC It's the best diet I have ever tried (And I've tried them all lol) How have you found it so far?

Ro Laren

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Sugar free jelly vs. 'full fat' version. Delicious and only 10 cals a serving.

Skimmed milk vs. semi-skimmed. Once you get used to it it tastes the same.

Weight Watchers clear chicken soup - only 50 cals a tin and so tasty.