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  1. Phoenyx

    Phoenyx Step away from the cake..

    This is probably the millionth diary ive started on here. Ive started and failed on every diet on the shelf in waterstones (and more!). Enough dieting. And enough of the diet starts tomorrow, and delaying things until ive lost weight.

    This is a healthy eating, long term diary. My goal is still very definitely weight loss, but this will be a meander not a sprint. I need to rediscover "normal eating" and stop lurching from one diet to another. I want to set up good eating habits and find a new hobby that doesn't involve reading diet books and googling 10lbs in ten days or working out how much weight I could lose before such and such an event.

    I'm going to start off by loosely calorie counting (and I mean loosely...not getting hung up if I'm eating out and don't know the exact number of calories) and whilst nothing is banned, I will aim to focus on eating for health. I have a goal weight in mind so im going to eat my maintenance calories for that weight - it'll give me a reasonable no of cals and when I get to that weight I will know roughly how much to eat to maintain.

    Target weight: 135 lbs
    Calories for maintaining at 135 if inactive: 1620

    So I'll have 1620 cals a day plus activity cals if needed. I'm not getting hung up on the numbers though. It's a ball park.

    In addition, no more daily weighing. My weekly weigh in will be Mon . and my buzzword is consistency. Day in, day out . Warts (and blips) included.

    My final promise to myself is to plan my menus. I'm not good at planning in advance so im going to aim to plan the next day every evening, so im not left trying to whip something up last minute and making decisions out of hunger.

    No more new starts. Every day counts.
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  3. Phoenyx

    Phoenyx Step away from the cake..

    So today:

    B - soya latte
    S - carrots & aubergine dip; 1/3 bottle smoothie
    L - egg mayo sandwich, coffee with milk
    S - costa primo strawberry cooler
    D -stir fried chicken, peppers & courgette with salsa in a wrap, fruyo yogurt

    Ex - p90x chest & back (I wanted to run but was thwarted by a broken treadmill)

    Cals approx 1450
  4. Blondcat

    Blondcat Gold Member

    Hi Phoenix - this is exactly what I decided autumn / winter last year. I just changed the way I thought about food and decided to eat more healthily. Cutting out processed stuff and eating 5 portions of fruit and veggies as many days a week as I could. Between nov 2013 and end if feb 2014 I lost about 9pounds without dieting. Still partying lots, take always etc.

    Then April and may I lost another stone but by calorie counting and restricting what I ate 5 days per week. Stalling a bit last couple if weeks due to op, no exercise but back to healthy eating tomorrow as dare I say it, I'm actually missing the veggies!!

    I'm sure this is the the best way of doing it. Nettee on a different thread is doing something similar and having some success so far too. I think it's much more sustainable.

    Good luck xx
  5. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

    Just wanted to pop in and wish you luck on your new healthy eating and exercise plan...looking good!
  6. Phoenyx

    Phoenyx Step away from the cake..

    Thank you both.

    I'm struggling with the not weighing bit, and it's weird not having an exercise schedule I have to follow but I've set myself 20 mins of sweating 5 times a week. I think that is realistic to sustain long term and means I can go with how I feel on the day.

    My mind is trying a few tricks...The little devil on my shoulder is suggesting fasting or calorie cycling, but I think that'll happen naturally anyway - more on days I'm eating out, less on others. I need to learn to keep it simple.
  7. Phoenyx

    Phoenyx Step away from the cake..

    25th June

    B - skinny latte and wholewheat scone
    L - salami and rocket focaccia, watermelon
    S - fruyo strawberry
    T - wholemeal pasta with tomato, onion & chicken sauce, parmesan, broccoli
    S - glass of red wine, 2 squares choc

    Ex - 3 mile fartlek run (v slow - too hot to run straight so ran 2 miles then alternated between faster running, sprinting and walking)

    Cals 1600

    Wheat at three meals today...that can't be good. Def feel bloated.
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  8. GingerJV

    GingerJV Silver Member

    Good luck Phonex! Just find the best dieting plan for yourself and everything will be great! Seems you are strating very good! Keep going and all the best wishes to you;-)
  9. Phoenyx

    Phoenyx Step away from the cake..

    Thank you :)
  10. Phoenyx

    Phoenyx Step away from the cake..

    26 June

    Funny eating and exercising day today...lots of snacks instead of an evening meal and ran twice. I'd arranged to go out in the eve with a friend, but she injured herself on Tues so I booked a morning run with another friend. Then first running pal turned out ok and I really didn't want to cancel on either so I did both. I'm really not fit enough for both but took it slowly. I did 2 miles (hilly) in the am and 3 (flat) in the eve. I did feel lead legged but was glad it had cooled down significantly this eve.

    B - scrambled egg white & spinach wrap, soya latte
    S - 2 qualitystreets chocs
    L - 1/2 baked potato and beans (forgot my lunch and this was the healthiest thing in the canteen)
    S - 2 quality street chocs
    S - bowl of porridge, some left over roast chicken from DDs plate, skinny latte
    S - bean salad
    S - marmite rice cakes with cottage cheese, 3 strawberries

    Ex - AM 2 mile run; PM 3 mile run

    Cals: 1850 (slightly high but compensated for with extra exercise)

    If I were a nutritionist I'd say less starchy carbs, more veg.
  11. Phoenyx

    Phoenyx Step away from the cake..

    I failed to plan today so here's my plan for tomorrow.

    B - scrambled egg, whites & spinach, soya latte
    L - veg & bean soup, marmite rice cakes, cottage cheese
    S - strawberries & yoghurt
    T - ???
    S - glass of red wine, dark choc

    Ex - either running or doing a dvd
  12. Phoenyx

    Phoenyx Step away from the cake..

    I messed up. Sob. Back to the drawing board. Gonna pick myself up, dust myself off and remind myself that bingeing is a slippery slope.

    I need to remember that:
    - every day counts...tomorrow never comes
    - I think it'll be one day off track but it often process harder to get back on the wagon than I thought. Four days of bingeing in this case.
    - this is SO bad for my health. I'm f*cking up big time.

    I don't know what triggered my nine on Friday. I was kind of thinking....I'll just have a cheat day. I deserve that, itll help me stay on track the rest of the week blah blah blah. Then I was thinking, I need to eat cleaner, I'll start eating clean on Monday. Then today, but it's the start of July tomorrow, I'm not truly prepared today, tomorrows a better day etc etc. And the problem is I don't just eat big portions or a pudding...i go on a fully blown binge. It's disgusting.

    And the worst thing is, I'm not sure where to go next. I've failed at every diet. Calorie counting again? Clean eating? I don't know.
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  13. Phoenyx

    Phoenyx Step away from the cake..

    30 days clean eating and exercising. Only rule is no sugar. Here goes...
  14. Phoenyx

    Phoenyx Step away from the cake..

    Exercise: run (30 mins) v hard going, I've lost so much fitness...but got to start back somewhere

    B - banana, small handful of nuts
    L - salad leaves with avocado, egg and tuna, dressed with olive oil, balsamic vinegar
    S - small handful mixed nuts
    T - homemade veg soup, 2 gluten free sausages & 2 fried eggs; Greek yoghurt & raspberries
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  15. patriciasmith

    patriciasmith Member

    I am following a strict diet plan... no sugar salt.. :( :( just tasteless... I thought my life becomes a tasteless one... :( :( :(
  16. emmasdiary

    emmasdiary New Member

    Hey Phoenyx, just wanted to say that I am the same, I was going to 'start' on Monday, then I thought, 'Nah, tomorrow is the 1st of July, that's a much better day to begin', and it really is such nonsense. Life is a constant stream, it doesn't begin on a day cos you decide it does. Sigh. Anyway, what I am trying to do with my plan is build a routine for myself that I can follow without thinking. I'm going to have 3 meals I cook every day at the same time, and drink my herbal tea. Other than that, I can have what I like, but I'm hoping that I won't want anything more after a while. Anyway, best of luck to you girl, I hope we both figure out how to be happy!
  17. Phoenyx

    Phoenyx Step away from the cake..

    Sounds horrible....i don't mind healthy eating as long as there's fat. I can't abide salads without oil, eggs without yolks etc.

    Have you tried adding chilli flakes or lemon in place of salt eg in soups?
  18. Phoenyx

    Phoenyx Step away from the cake..

    Thank you. So glad I'm not alone :) good luck to you too :)
  19. Phoenyx

    Phoenyx Step away from the cake..

    Ok so a clean day today, but fell into a bad of choc mini bars yesterday evening. Main reason was I didn't eat enough during the day so had no resolve in the eve. Better today.

    So 14 day challenge....I'm going to write EVERY bite here, instead of just posting the good days!


    B - 1/2 banana, soya latte
    S - natural yoghurt & pomegranate
    L - 4 oatcakes, carrot and cucumber sticks dipped in hummus & aubergine dip
    S - large skinny cappucino
    T - homemade thai green chicken curry with rice, vanilla yoghurt & raspberries

    Ex - none, I have a sore knee and don't want to push it

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