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this is when i'm bad...


a new way of living!
when keith is away from home!

I get bored and lonely and typically put myself outside a bottle of wine and a whole pack of gud puds, followed by a plateful of fruit and an antacid!

but this time there is no eating, no drinking, no cheating...

and still no keith!

he is not back till tuesday!!

just hope wi tomorrow will give enough euphoria to see me though:sigh:
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You are strong Helen so just hang in there. And just think how pleased he will be for you when he gets back to hear how much you lost this week!

My OH was away all last week but the children kept me busy so I didn't have time to miss him (except for needing a hot water bottle each night!)

Good luck for tomorrow, I wonder how much the Monday club will manage to shed this week?



Says it as it is!!!
This is were you can turn that statement on its head and Shout
' This was the FIRST time i WAS GOOD...and it feels soooo greaaaattt (as the crusha pussy cat says!)


a new way of living!
lmao at that you tube vid! well i went to bed last night with a book, did have a cup of tea with tinsy winsy milk in at an old dears house, and got my shakes and got weighed, lost 2.3lbs :( was expecting more but i get wi again sat cause of bh, that may be better, also expecting blob week again soon, and the following wi will be from sat till the following monday so that will be better :)

going to devon thurs and fri, have to avoid food at keiths parents house, his parents think i am not doing myself any good, and want to feed me up! they are farmers in their 70's though so you cant blame them, it was a different life for them, i am sure they will be happy to see me looking healthy and will make them happier.
Well done on 2.3lb (I only managed 2.2lb!) and good luck at the outlaws. I survived Sunday lunch at my outlaws but it will be tougher for you as you are there longer. Keith will help you though so don't worry.



a new way of living!
HAHA he is coming off his diet so he can enjoy his mums home cooked dinners and baked cakes! its going to be hell! ;)
I'm sure he will still support you. Don't let them bully you into eating. I know it will be hard but you can do this. You are a strong and determined woman! I'll be thinking of you the whole time and will have my fingers crossed for you.

Good luck babe.



a new way of living!
dont get me wrong, they wont bully me, but just be 'concerned' as they dont think its normal. i wont cave in, i'd be too worried about feeling rough later and getting tummy ache. i'll take my crochet down to keep me busy :)
Well done Helen, with that attitude you can't fail. Enjoy the crochet. I haven't done any for ages!



a new way of living!
Well done on not caving whilst OH is away. You will be fine when away with the oldies, like you say they are bound to be keen on feeding you up, but they sound sweet so I'm sure they will support you.

I want to be Keith, I want the homemade cakes!!!

hehehe me too, they are yummy, as farmers they can eat pretty well with no worries, there is never any waste in the house, everything is used, its really refreshing and traditional. but, unless you are a farmer, its also very fattening!!

when i am at target i can enjoy a little every now and then. moving down to them soon so hoping i will learn a trick or two and maybe i can try low fat versions too - or just make smaller cakes! lol

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