This may sound stupid BUT ....


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fish and chips,drinking, pies,what you been up to young lady?? lol

I know i've been awful over the weekend. Back on track today though. AND i'm not out this weekend so will be extra good.

I am bloody full of cold though. It's not good!!!

victoria sponge

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sorry to here your poorly,theres seems to be lost of it around at the mo,keep eating the satsumas??as for cough medicine thinks its syns babe not 100% sure though..xx


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i wouldnt worry about the syns you need to take medicine to help you get better.

hope you get better soon XXX
According to the syns pdf document I downloaded from BodyOptimise just earlier today:

cough syrup is 1.5 syns for 2 level tsps.
throat lozenges are 1.5 syns per 2 sweets.

But I wouldn't worry too much about the syns they cost, just focus on getting well again :)


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instead of hot lemons try hot lemonade and parocmols.
try crewing gum the way cough sweet work is they increase saliva production and cause u to swallow more,suppressing coughs. so anything that increases salvia will help.
try leaving a few drops of camomile tinture in a bowl above the radiotor in the bedroom at night.
also theres thyme tea (2 tablespoons fresh thyme or 1 dried in a cup of hot water allow it to infuse for 5 mins, strain out herbs and drink.
theres also marshmellow leaf tea
u could try rubbing vicks on your chest.
do u have coughing fits?
hope u feel better soon


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Depends hon some varieties are sugar free but you would need to check the bottle i work for a company that sells them if i were you i'd ignore it your ill if you dont have a loss thats the reason but it's better that your erm better XXX

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If you take things like Benillyn capsules, they are free as most products contain honey and lemon when you have a cough or a cold.....either that or stick to paracetamol and hot drinks, but as everyone else has said....dont worry about syn values, just concentrate on getting better.