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This should maybe be in Syn Values but not sure


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After the thread looking for confirmation from Slimming World regarding syn values when using free foods to make cake I've decided to post it here as it's running along the same ideas.

I was always under the impression that if you blended/cooked fruit it then had syn values however last night in bed I was flicking through the mag and noseying at some of the recipes. A lot of them this month were fruit based (i.e. sorbet, lollies etc) and they didn't seem to be counting syns for the fruit. I haven't had time to look through them properly at all the ingredients and double check but one that stuck out was the chicken tzasiki- I'm fairly sure it was syn free unless you didn't use a healthy extra but there were no syns for the cooked mango. Has anyone else noticed this?
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I must admit I didn't notice and I've thrown my mag out now I've cut the reciepes out I wanted. It would be lovely if they weren't counting the fruit, but I somehow think this may be wishfull thinking. Are they maybe using dried fruit as HEB?, but then again its cooked isn't it so wouldn't that change it again, cos it would only be a HEB if eaten as straightforward dried fruit wouldn't it? This is brain overload stuff for me this early in the morning hun, but I'm sure somebody will have the answer. I'll just avoid the cake and have a quiet life lol.


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I often grill pineapple on the barbecue and never syn it. It still keeps its bulk and fills you up, so why not? It is so scrummy, especially with a ff coconut yoghurt.


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:eek:ff coconut yogurt - where can I purchase these!!?? Sounds delish. I occasionally make a smoothie using fruit but I do not syn it - if its the amount of fruit I would eat in a sitting I wouldn't syn it anyway.


Extra Easy Apparently...!
I wasn't sure about the ice-cream as I didn't look through all the ingredients to check but the chicken tsatsiki def didn't syn the fruit.
I didn't see that one, I'll look - was the mango cooked as in cooked down to nothing or warmed through?
If it was just warmed then it's syn free - I make sweet and sour with fresh pineapple and that is free as it's not "cooked" to a pulp, just warmed through.

Confusing - when fruit is cooked, it means cooked right down to nothing.

If it says it's syn free, go with it hun!


Extra Easy Apparently...!
I'm sure the mango was blended and then used to marinade the chicken but I was half asleep at the time so could be wrong. I also *think* it said at the bottom it was syn free unless you didn't use you healthy extra. Before posting this thread I should really have checked when I was wide awake!


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I buy it in France - maybe it's not available in the UK. The make is Sveltesse and I think it's by Danone, the French equivalent of Shape. Hope this helps


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I use coconut essence in plain yogurt, but would love to buy ready made coconut yogurt.
I love coconut yoghurt. It's my fav. Waitrose do one, also the make Rachels Organic.

Am having one for brekkie each day at the moment.

BUT...I should imagine they are millions of syns :( I know the Waitrose one is high fat. Yum though :D

Something to look forward to after goal :)


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Leapfrog, are all Sveltesse yogurts free? Good to know, I'll get my mum to buy some next time I go back to France, didn't know they had a coconut one.


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Leapfrog lives in France, that's where it's from. Not sure we can get such delights!
Can't wait til I go to France on hols this year!!

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