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This Time I Must Carry On Until My Goal

Hello. I first started the cambridge diet March last year and I have been on and off the diet for a few months now. I know that it works really well when I stick to it, but I just dont seem to be able to keep motivated. I find it really difficult as I do go out a lot with friends. So this time I will try to stay in a bit more and keep temtation out of reach.
Good luck to everyone on this fantastic diet. Hopefully together we can do it. :wave_cry:
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Good on you for restarting - I like the fact you've written down all your goals!!

How much have you lost already and how much do you want to lose?


i am ready.....
hi Thinkthin !

i have been trying to re-start for a yr !! i try to re-start then i just cave in at the first - do u want some !! and then leave it for a bit then try re-start again a month later if not the following week!!
i am begining again today !! another monday! so far so good - drank a 2 litre bottle and got 2 more litres to go b4 bed - and happy to say i got no temptations thus far - my third and fourth days however are always the ones i struggle with(i guess becos i subconsiosly know i am officailly begining ketosis) with the aid of this website though i know i will do it this time as i am not alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nice to find someone on here who is experiencing similiar problems with the re-start thing but and we're starting together near enough !

ooo - a lil more bout me, i am 21 yrs old and 18 stone, 5ft 7inchs, i do love to go out but i hate being in pictures and i never really feel comfortable to dance or bubble around like everyone else as my belly bubbles with me !!!!

i definately need a friend in doing this diet as i obviously like to talk but i do not feel comfortable to talk to friends at uni! and i have talked about re-starting so much with friends/family at home that i want to just do it this time and not talk to know one i know about it and see how that goes!

i travel to pick up my packs from outside of my counsellors house so i dont have weekly weigh ins or meetings etc... but i am hoping this will be my daily one !
sorry for the essay and thanx for reading.....
lots of lov and support

Tara xx

hey thinkthin

hows it goin ???

hope everythings ok

Tara xxx
I have been really good so far this week. I have been tempted but have controlled myself. How about you. How are things going for you.
I do find it really difficult at times, but I am determined to succeed this time.:)


i am ready.....
me too - i really want it now !
i'm doing good too tho thanx, not fiddling around in the kitchen at all wen i go in to make my packs, nothing has passed these lips but shakes and water (and chewing gum yesterday :(, but i have been in here ALOT to keep focused - it is MASSIVELY helping!

lol, last night i dreamt two dreams, first about posting something in here and the second one was about cheating!!
lol, i was so happy when i woke up and realised it was a dream, i felt so bad in the dream...........
Hey Rachel ... how ya going this week?
hiya thinkthin hows it going
ive restarted like you spent too much time fafffing about prev did ll and cd sept05 april 06 lost 61/2 stone got bored and piled it all back on but have now booked my holiday 4th june 13 weeks 3 days so im determined to do it will keep an eye on your postings xxxxxx

tara hows it going ???


i am ready.....
B4 coming on me i thought there was something wrong with me - didnt know so many people had rpoblems restarting....
but ye, i'm cool today kitty, thanx for askin..
I was THINKIN about food and THINKIN about cheating quite alot today - but i kept busy and thought about u guys on here!
we're all in this together and we'll be strong for eachother - looking forward being a skinny mini
hopefuly tomorro night will be fine,

how u doin kittykat?

tara xx
First week weigh in

I am pretty pleased wih myself today.:) I have gone down 6llbs since Sunday. I was a bit naughty yesteday. I come in from work in such a bad mood.:mad: I went straight to the fridge and had some chicken and then I moved onto the cupboard and had some nuts. I was so annoyed with myself afterwards.:wave_cry: Oh well its done now and I suppose it could have been much worse.
I feel ok this morning and I fell detemined to carry on.
I would love to lose 4 or 5lbs by next week.;) So I must stay with it.
I hope everyone else is doing ok.:D
Good luck, good luck, good luck. And much willpower. :) 6lbs is FANTASTIC.

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