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This Time I Must Carry On Until My Goal

Hello. I first started the cambridge diet March last year and I have been on and off the diet for a few months now. I know that it works really well when I stick to it, but I just dont seem to be able to keep motivated. I find it really difficult as I do go out a lot with friends. So this time I will try to stay in a bit more and keep temtation out of reach.
Good luck to everyone on this fantastic diet. Hopefully together we can do it. :wave_cry:
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One Last Time.......
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WELL DONE on deciding to restart, you'll get loads of support here! :0)


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Good on you for restarting - I like the fact you've written down all your goals!!

How much have you lost already and how much do you want to lose?


i am ready.....
hi Thinkthin !

i have been trying to re-start for a yr !! i try to re-start then i just cave in at the first - do u want some !! and then leave it for a bit then try re-start again a month later if not the following week!!
i am begining again today !! another monday! so far so good - drank a 2 litre bottle and got 2 more litres to go b4 bed - and happy to say i got no temptations thus far - my third and fourth days however are always the ones i struggle with(i guess becos i subconsiosly know i am officailly begining ketosis) with the aid of this website though i know i will do it this time as i am not alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nice to find someone on here who is experiencing similiar problems with the re-start thing but and we're starting together near enough !

ooo - a lil more bout me, i am 21 yrs old and 18 stone, 5ft 7inchs, i do love to go out but i hate being in pictures and i never really feel comfortable to dance or bubble around like everyone else as my belly bubbles with me !!!!

i definately need a friend in doing this diet as i obviously like to talk but i do not feel comfortable to talk to friends at uni! and i have talked about re-starting so much with friends/family at home that i want to just do it this time and not talk to know one i know about it and see how that goes!

i travel to pick up my packs from outside of my counsellors house so i dont have weekly weigh ins or meetings etc... but i am hoping this will be my daily one !
sorry for the essay and thanx for reading.....
lots of lov and support

Tara xx

hey thinkthin

hows it goin ???

hope everythings ok

Tara xxx
I have been really good so far this week. I have been tempted but have controlled myself. How about you. How are things going for you.
I do find it really difficult at times, but I am determined to succeed this time.:)


i am ready.....
me too - i really want it now !
i'm doing good too tho thanx, not fiddling around in the kitchen at all wen i go in to make my packs, nothing has passed these lips but shakes and water (and chewing gum yesterday :(, but i have been in here ALOT to keep focused - it is MASSIVELY helping!

lol, last night i dreamt two dreams, first about posting something in here and the second one was about cheating!!
lol, i was so happy when i woke up and realised it was a dream, i felt so bad in the dream...........
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Hey Rachel ... how ya going this week?


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hiya thinkthin hows it going
ive restarted like you spent too much time fafffing about prev did ll and cd sept05 april 06 lost 61/2 stone got bored and piled it all back on but have now booked my holiday 4th june 13 weeks 3 days so im determined to do it will keep an eye on your postings xxxxxx

tara hows it going ???


i am ready.....
B4 coming on me i thought there was something wrong with me - didnt know so many people had rpoblems restarting....
but ye, i'm cool today kitty, thanx for askin..
I was THINKIN about food and THINKIN about cheating quite alot today - but i kept busy and thought about u guys on here!
we're all in this together and we'll be strong for eachother - looking forward being a skinny mini
hopefuly tomorro night will be fine,

how u doin kittykat?

tara xx
First week weigh in

I am pretty pleased wih myself today.:) I have gone down 6llbs since Sunday. I was a bit naughty yesteday. I come in from work in such a bad mood.:mad: I went straight to the fridge and had some chicken and then I moved onto the cupboard and had some nuts. I was so annoyed with myself afterwards.:wave_cry: Oh well its done now and I suppose it could have been much worse.
I feel ok this morning and I fell detemined to carry on.
I would love to lose 4 or 5lbs by next week.;) So I must stay with it.
I hope everyone else is doing ok.:D
Good luck, good luck, good luck. And much willpower. :) 6lbs is FANTASTIC.

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