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This time is for real.

S: 16st10lb C: 16st10lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 42.8 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hey all. Im back again after quite some time. I have finally started to put some real effort into doing this diet after stopping and restarting previously, and basically just wasting alot of money....not good when you have two young children to look after.

I got my first lot of shakes on Monday afternoon so i started the shakes on Tuesday so far so good....i havnt cheated..once.:clap:
One thing i must say though is that i very nearly passed out today (Wed), after having the most excruciating headache iv ever had in my life...really. Nothing seemed to alleviate it, and i spent most of the day with my head down and my eyes closed as it felt like a migrain. Does this have something to do with taking the shakes, and will they get worse or better?

So far so good, and im looking forward to my first weigh next week. Hoping to lose quite a significant amount for christmas.

One more thing...Sorry to ramble. Will it be ok to change from the Lipotrim shakes to Complan shakes in about 4 weeks as im not so sure i can continue to keep paying £36 every week. Iv heard that you can take Complan as a Total Meal Replacement and still lose alot of weight.
Any advice would be great..

Thanks all

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Hello Nicola and Welcome, so sorry, I've never heard of substituting Complan for LT.
Someone will be sure to know. LT is a bit dear, but cheaper by far than LL and even CD.
I've SAVED money, because I used to buy loads of shoite to stuff my face with.
Good luck anyway. xx
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good on you for getting back on it and good luck x
S: 18st0lb C: 18st0lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 43.3 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hi, new to this site, but doing LT with 7 weeks now, down 2 stone, 8 lbs. When I decided to do this, I was a bit worried about the cost of it, as I never had any money spare at the end of the month and suddenly I was planning to spend all of this extra. However, I notice that now I don't spend anything at all in a week - just petrol for the car. In fact at end of first month, I was able to clear my credit card with the balance on my account - I put LT on my card each week. So while it does sound very expensive, the reality is quite different - well for me anyway!
I don't know about using anything else. I started it full of motivation, then had week's holiday and it fell apart a bit there. I managed to get through most of week 2, but had a small blip about 5th day - but is set me off - I'd have a good day, maybe two, then have to have something - that went on until end of my holiday and then I got back on track again - it was like flipping a switch almost - since then I've been fine, there have been some tough times, but I've got through. The messing around in Week 2/3 did cost me, I had WI after 2 weeks and was down 5 lbs, I probably would have been down 8 or 9 if I'd done 2 good weeks. Got way to go yet, but have to do 2 weeks refeed after another 2 weeks - half of me is looking forward to it, half of me dreading it. Not sure what to do after those 2 weeks - originally was planning on going back to TFR, but I'd have to go on another refeed 2 weeks later and then 3 weeks after that again. Thinking now I might try maintenance for those 2 weeks and see how it goes - scared I'll go back to scoffing all around me - feel that if I got to target I might be able to manage it better. However, with what I have on between here and Christmas, I'd be on and off it so often that I woudln't get to target anyway - need to drop at least another 2 stone - I still won't be at correct BMI then, but I'll be at a weight where I was happy before, where I could get nice clothes.

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