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This time is the last time! The road to health and happiness!

Hi all, I have been posting for a couple of weeks now but thought I would start a diary to attempt to keep me motivated.

To start, a bit of info about me. I'm 28, live in the midlands with my OH (no family yet but OH is mega broody!!).

I have pretty much been overweight all my adult life and have tried ww, sw etc but always put the weight back on when I start eating "normally" again. I am trying cc to hopefully start to understand what I am eating more and to ensure that good choices become natural for me as I start to change my eating habits. I also like the flexibility of the plan and the fact that you control what you eat.

My biggest issue which effects my weight loss is that I am an emotional eater, and I have quite a stressful job which is quite long hours so it's really easy for me to make an excuse to grab a take away and miss the gym at the end of a long and trying day.

My vices are cake, take aways and beer.

I am trying to stick to 1200 cals a day, exercising around 3 times a week. Done well so far but I'm a bit nervous cause we go in hols next week to America for a fortnight so thinking of upping the exercise whilst I'm there to give me more flexibility.

So that's me. Any help and advice gratefully received.
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Just wanted to wish you good luck :)

And I have a few tips for America as we went in June for 2 weeks and managed to only put on 3lbs 2 years before that I put on a stone!
This time I swam every day sometimes only for 10 minutes.We walked quite a lot.And MFP was my best friend as you can use it over there even without Internet you just have to go offline.I found nearly every restaurant I went in and I upped my calories for maintaining weight instead of losing.
I still ate pretty much what I wanted but didn't eat the massive portions and would have salad to fill me up and drank lots of water hope this helps xx
Good luck! And thanks for that! Didn't know you could use MFP offline!
Oh dear. Bad day yesterday. All day training event with work, fully catered with cupcakes and pizza when it ran over. Didn't get home til after midnight so gave in and had a few slices, the most delicious cupcake and a glass of wine. Feeling very guilty now. So when the OH wanted to go to the Chinese buffet for tea I was saintly. Loads of steamed veg, plain meat and fruit for pudding despite the amazing looking eton mess! ?
Oh and it was weigh day today. Loss 1.5lbs so not toobad after that pizza!

Best mate's wedding tomorrow. Really looking forward to it and gonna ignore the calories for the day and just start again on Saturday, hangover or no hangover.
Hi dani, nice to see another midlander!

Well, I have had a very naughty weekend. Wedding was amazing, my friend looked absolutely gorgeous and so happy it brought a tear to my eye. Food was amazing and I tried to set off the alcohol with lots of dancing. Not sure I was entirely successful, particularly given the hang over munchies I had yesterday. Chinese takeaway later I felt a big guilty but loads better.

Back on plan today and it was my nephew's birthday so took him to Thomas land as a treat. So loads of walking (and carrying him on my shoulders!) and only really a doughnut to feel guilty about.

3 days til holiday, feeling nervous cause I still have a mountain of work to do and I haven't packed yet bit a few long days should do the trick at work and packing will be done last minute as always. Can always sleep on the plane!

Hope you all had a good weekend. Mine was fab but naughty, but I guess you need that once in a while.
Hi all,

Back off hols and returned to a whole pile of rubbish. House flooded whilst we were away which has wrecked the spare room and left a hole in the ceiling and a sodden carpet and a couple of family crises have blown up as well. Think I should have stayed in America!

I was really nervous about stepping back on the scales because I didn't really track or try very hard whilst I was away. Lots of naughty carbs (American portions) and some yummy cocktails! But we did do a lot of walking and swimming so I was pleasantly surprised that I had only put on a pound and a half! So that could have been a lot worse phew!!

So back on it from tomorrow (was meant to be today but ToM getting me down and my house looking like it is falling apart forced me to eat cake an custard doh!).

Have joined the October challenge and I will get back on the wagon! Just need to find my will power again!
Sorry to hear about all the bad stuff. But weight wise you are doing well for putting such a small gain when you've been having american portion sizes! Well done! You'll get that off in no time!
Thanks bostik!

Had a good day today, 1300 cals but no exercise. Not bad for totm!

Had to go to bed early though cause i have the munchies and a struggling to resist! My oh is munching his way through my favourite thing, dark choc hob nobs. So mean!!
Mmm hob nobs! Yeah, I think bed is the safest place lol!

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