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This time it's forever or Dieting for Disney!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by Mini_Mog, 16 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. Mini_Mog

    Mini_Mog Silver Member

    New start, new diary.

    A bit about me- I'm a 30 (soon to be 31) year old mummy to dd4. I have a very hectic work lifestyle which involves shifts, some long days and some nights. I fell off the wagon when I started working shifts and now I'm back on it!

    I'm going to Florida (woo hoo! ) in July next year for my first proper holiday with my little family and I want to feel fab in summer clothes. So that is my aim date for target.

    So far I've been on plan for 2 weeks and I've lost 9.5lb. 7lb in my first week.

    Weigh in day is Wednesday.

    Onwards & downwards!
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  3. Mini_Mog

    Mini_Mog Silver Member

    Started off today with a yummy lunch-
    1/2 tin of beans
    2 free LM sausages
    A fried duck egg

    Yum yum & all free! Really hoping for a decent loss this week. My 1st award is in sight and I'm chasing it!
  4. Crafty Girl

    Crafty Girl Silver Member

    Well done on first 2 weeks loss - we are both starting at a similar point and I have lost 11 pounds so far
  5. Mini_Mog

    Mini_Mog Silver Member

    Thank you :) and we'll done on your 11lb!

    We just had a bbq. Homemade burgers, salad, baked potato & corn on the cob. Was just 3 syns on a cheese slice & ketchup and heb for my wholemeal roll.

    Was absolutely yummy! Just shows that you can have a lovely evening and still stay on plan :)

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  6. Mini_Mog

    Mini_Mog Silver Member

    Today I have drunk absolutely loads! It's been another beautiful day and very hot. Been drinking pint after pint of sf squash and water and had a couple of de hazelnut coffees too!

    1/2 heb 1 weetabix biscuit crumbled up and mixed with strawberries and a choc orange Muller. Had a coffee too and a hifi light (1/2 heb).

    Salad (leaves, cherry toms and peppadew peppers) with birds eye inspirations
    Fish- tomato (1 syn)

    Dinner- chicken curry with mixed veg and pilau rice made with the knorr curry flavour pot (2 syns- so 1 as shared). It was nice but not as nice as pete's peanut butter curry which is amazing and I wholly recommend it.

    Supper- champagne silver magnum (13 syns)

    Total syns=15
  7. Mini_Mog

    Mini_Mog Silver Member

    Feeling sorry for myself today. Hot & bothered, ate something I can't syn and made the fatal error of weighing myself & not happy :(

    Was a cake day today at work for charity. Loads of cake, crazy amounts! Anyway, I decided to have one thing- caramel shortbread. Same size as a Costa one and they are 22 syns I believe so we'll go with that.

    Breakfast- banana while I ran out of the door!

    Morning break- apple and caramel shortbread (22 syns )

    Lunch- macaroni cheese mug shot (2 syns), apple, muller, hi Fi bar (heb)

    Afternoon break- hifi (heb)

    When I got home- banana

    Dinner- lm sausages, mixed veg, baked potato, hea cheese.

    Today is green. Total 24 syns! ?
  8. Mini_Mog

    Mini_Mog Silver Member

    Today has been a little stressful! Been good though and not indulged in any of the cakes still at work. As I've just started I'm a little wary of anything I can't properly syn.

    Breakfast- banana on the run again- I need to get up earlier!

    Break- skinny Costa flat white (approx half hea), 2 X hifi light (heb)

    Lunch- creamy cheese mug shot (2.5 syns), apple, muller

    On the way home- Starbucks flat white (other half of hea)

    Dinner- baked potato, birds eye inspirations lemon, mixed veggies.

    Snack- galaxy ripple 8.5 syns

    Total 11 syns.

    Weigh in tomorrow!
  9. Mini_Mog

    Mini_Mog Silver Member

    Today is green!

    Breakfast- 3rd porridge oats (heb), muller & strawberries

    Break- hifi (heb)

    Lunch- mug shot (2 syns), strawberries, muller

    Dinner- lm sausages, mushrooms, beans & 2 fried duck eggs

    Treat- magnum 13 syns

    Total syns 15. Hea is milk for tea/coffee

    Today was also weigh in. 1.5 off which is exactly what I hoped for & total is 11lb in 3 weeks!!

    I'm 3lb off my 1 stone award. Hoping to achieve it within the next 2 weigh ins
  10. Mini_Mog

    Mini_Mog Silver Member

    Today is an extra easy day. Feeling very determined now I've just got 3lbs till my stone award. So I've planned out my food till Monday. Lots of superfree, I can do this!

    I can also definitely see that the weight is coming off! I've got a long way to go. I think I'll be aiming for 5-6 stone off but it all depends on when I reach a point that I'm happy.

    Brunch- bacon sandwich, fat cut off, no spread on a heb wholemeal roll. 1 syn for 1 tbs ketchup. After I had a bowl of strawberries, blueberries & an orange muller. Followed by a hazelnut coffee with milk from my hea.

    Dinner- a Greek dish made in the slow cooker with beef, garlic, chopped toms, stock, cinnamon and orzo pasta. I forget the name of it. With salad and peppadew peppers. Zero syns!

    Update on dinner-i didn't like it much. Too much cinnamon!

    Treat- champagne magnum 13 syns

    Total 14 syns
    Last edited: 22 May 2014
  11. Keeley33

    Keeley33 New Member

    Good luck on your journey!! Am hoping to go to Disneyland in 2016 and need to shed half my body weight by then lol! Hope you get your 1st award!
  12. Mini_Mog

    Mini_Mog Silver Member

    I'm feeling much better today. Cold is going and I feel like eating again:) also tried out my actifry for the first time & I was impressed! The chips reminded me a bit of chip shop chips but without the grease and mess of a deep fat fryer. I see 1 tbs olive oil for them. 6 syns for the spoon so 2 syns each divided by the 3 of us.

    Breakfast- strawberries, blueberries, muller with cherry under layer (2 syns)

    Lunch- bbq beef mug shot (yuck!), 2 apples, free muller.

    Dinner- birds eye inspirations cod in tomato & rosemary sauce (4), chips (2), mixed veggies.

    Total = 8 syns

    Edit- woops I seem to have edited a past post by mistake and deleted it! I can only post on my phone by quoting so I tend to pick top post, press quote and delete the old text but I must have pressed edit. Deary me!!
    Last edited: 27 May 2014
  13. Mini_Mog

    Mini_Mog Silver Member

    So today I had a good day on plan breakfast and lunch. Dinner was off plan. Which I think is okay. I'm determined that this is not a diet, it's eating normally! But sometimes you are allowed the odd treat. This is my first meal off plan in almost a month. Here goes:

    Breakfast- 2 X weetabix, banana, hazelnut coffee. Hea & heb used.

    Lunch- mug shot, apple, 2 large satsumas, muller light.

    Dinner- Mexican! Really enjoyed this although I feel like my tummy is overfull and feels a bit uncomfortable.

    Starter- nachos with pulled pork, cheese, salsa, jalapeƱos, sour cream.

    Main- chimichanga filled with pulled pork. Rice & salad.

    Dessert- Warm chocolate brownie & ice cream.

    So now I'm off to bed. So tired! Got a sore throat, possibly the lurgy is on its way!
  14. Mini_Mog

    Mini_Mog Silver Member

    Back on it now! Got my bbq pulled pork cooking in the slow cooker. Going to have that for tea and lunch tomorrow. Plan is lots of superfree and cutting back on my syns (10 a day instead of 15) should help me still have a loss this week. That's the plan anyway, we'll see. Not had breakfast today as I wasn't hungry (not really suprising! ). So ill update later with my meals. I'm off work today but ill be spending the rest of the bank holiday weekend doing 12 hour shifts at work. Boooo! !

    Lunch- free mugshot, big bowl of strawberries, blueberries, banana, orange muller, meringue nest with 1/2 tbsp choc shot drizzled on top- 3 syns.

    Dinner- pulled pork in a wholemeal roll (heb), chips made with olive oil (2 syns), salad.

    Total today=5 syns. Within my goal!
    Last edited: 24 May 2014
  15. Mini_Mog

    Mini_Mog Silver Member

    Looooong 12 hour shift at work today.

    Breakfast- banana & mullerlight

    Lunch- free mugshot, mullerlight, apple & 2 satsumas.

    Dinner- mixed veg, baked potato topped with pulled pork, sweet peppadew peppers & 40g reduced fat cheddar.

    Supper- hifi & pistachio magnum- 14 syns

    Total syns= 14.
    Last edited: 25 May 2014
  16. gbatey

    gbatey Member

    Just popping in to subscribe as I love reading peoples food diaries! I'm similar height and weight at the mo so always looking for inspiration. Well done on your journey so far :)
  17. Mini_Mog

    Mini_Mog Silver Member

    Thank you :) I'm really enjoying being back on sw! I like reading food diaries too, they are great for meal ideas :)

    Today I've done another 12 hr shift (normal length days now till Friday. Phew!) and I'm absolutely full of a cold. The cold is really affecting my appetite and I've hardly touched or wanted food today. Very unlike me! I love my food which is why I am here ;)

    Breakfast- banana, muller and hifi light rocky road bar (1/2 heb )

    Lunch- mug shot and an apple. I really didn't want this. Prodded it a lot with my fork and eventually ate it but wasn't hungry or bothered.

    Snack- 2 satsumas and a hifi light ( 1/2 heb) again not really bothered!

    Really need to eat more today but just got home from work and it's almost 9pm.

    Update- still on plan but not the best supper. A hifi for a 2nd heb. Making today green and a magnum infinity- 13.5 syns.

    Total syns 13.5.
    Last edited: 26 May 2014
  18. Mini_Mog

    Mini_Mog Silver Member

    It's weigh day today! Really hoping and keeping my fingers tightly crossed for my stone. Please please please!!

    Breakfast- strawberries & muller with cherry under layer. (2)

    Break- hifi & coffee

    Lunch- Italian style meatball pasta meal shot (4.5), grapes.

    Total syns so far today =6.5. 8.5 left.

    Dinner- actifry chips (3 syns) after a big bowl of berries with a drizzle of choc shot (2)

    Total=11.5 syns
    Last edited: 28 May 2014
  19. Mini_Mog

    Mini_Mog Silver Member

    Ended up deleting my original reply to you, doh!

    Good luck with your weight loss, it will all be worth it. I've only just started really and I'm already feel so much better and my energy levels have increased massively.

    Going to florida will be amazing :)
  20. Mini_Mog

    Mini_Mog Silver Member

    Weigh in result!

    3lb off getting me my 1 stone award and 14lbs lost in may got me slimmer of the month! Bing for my book and new certificates for my fridge! Yay!
  21. Crafty Girl

    Crafty Girl Silver Member

    Well done on the 2 awards

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