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This time last year..

..was my 40th birthday!

i remember waking up and looking at myself in the mirror, feeling a bit fed up with myself!

i had lost 2 stone for my wedding six weeks before but had put on about 15lbs since ( italian honeymoon mainly to blame, lol!)

Anyway, for the last 5 years i'd been saying to myself i didn't want to be fat and 40 (i'd said the same at 30 but 3 kids later....)

and here i was - fat and 40

and it got worse up til december when i saw something about LL on GMTV.

my new years resolution (same one i had been making for the last 25 years) was to actually do something about it and not be fat and 40!

and i did it!

This morning i looked in the mirror - counted a few more wrinkles and grey hairs but smiled!!!!!!!!!!!

what a difference a year makes!

daisy x
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Happy birthday, and well done! When I wonder what on earth I'm doing, knowing that it really didn't take a long time for you all to become fabulously slim, I manage to get some strength from that!!
Happy Birthday Daisy!!

You have come a long way in a year. Many Congratulations. You do look fabulous.

Like you, the 'fat and forty' phrase was a trigger for me. I started LL age 40 and was four stone down by the time I turned 41. Here's to being fit and healthy with a good few months of maintenance under my belt when 42 clocks up!

Your journey continues to be an inspirational one for me. xx
Hi Daisy,
"Happy Birthday to you" ...
You look fab & nowhere near 40 :)
I never wanted to be fat and 40 either so i joined LL for the 2nd time and got to goal for my 40th. I had a great party & felt brilliant ... just one problem by the time I was 40 and a half I was back to square 1 :doh:
So am now back on track to be Fab & 42 !! ...and 43, 44, 45 ...(you get the picture ;))

Have a great day

Happy birthday Daisy and well done. I am 38 and don't want to be fat and forty either. I am so glad I have discovered lighter life and hopefully I will get my weight off long before I reach the dreaded 40.


Making it all add up
Happy Birthday Daisy

And you so deserve to smile :)


I will do this!
fantastic story and what a way you have come. I am 30 this year, and although by then I hope to be a few stone down, I know that come my 31st I will have lost it all and be maintaining. Here's to you :happy036::birthday::party0016:, well done! x
Happy Birthday Daisy! So pleased you're feeling so good.

I never celebrated my 30th as I felt so bad about myself. Just stayed in and watched a DVD on my own.

2 and a half years later and I'm half the woman I was. I'm going to have a big party for my 33rd. Better late than never but I think I've got plenty to celebrate!!

Hope you have an amazing birthday xx
Happy Birthday Daisy - hope you've had a good day.

I'm with you on the fat and 40 ... it was my 39th Birthday that prompted me to join LL :)
Good for you daisy what a wonderful post

Happy Birthday x x x :)

big hugs x x x Sam x x x
Happy Birthday Daisy, I hope you are out having a fabulous evening
You have achieved so much in the past year. I hoope you are really proud of yourself - you should be.
A year ago I still had 2 and a half stone to lose to get to my current weight.
Happy Birthday hon - you have every reason to be happy - you gave yourself the best pressie ever!!! I felt much the same - I turn 50 in April this year, and there was no way I wanted to be both FAT and FIFTY!!!! Its a great thing - be very proud of yourself! :)


Happy in my own skin
Hope you had a lovely birthday Daisy. Wow, can't believe you're over 40, you look so young.

I also did a comparison with last year, but when I was on holiday lately. It was a case of, ohh this time last year my feet became all swollen on the flight, ohh this time last year I did not want to be in the photographs, ohh this time last year I had no energy to get up early and make the most of the full holiday day....what a difference a year makes to our lives...:)
Belated Happy Birthday Daisy!

Very Inspirational to me as a newbie!
Thank you! xx :)

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