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This time last year....

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I've been thinking recently about how much has changed for me since xmas last year so thought that those of us who started SW this year might like to share how different we are because of it.

This time last year I'd just got out of hospital which at one point I didn't think I'd do when the anaesthetist told me I'd probably die - this year I'm more healthy than I've been for about 10 years.

Last year I couldn't buy clothes in Britain, had to import them from America - last week I went to a friend's house and tried on some of her clothes. I've never ever been able to do that, she gave me some of the ones she no longer needed and 1 dress is from George, I can now buy clothes in Britain and not just Evans!

Last year I did nothing; I sat at home too unwell to do anything at all really but now it's completely different having started a college course and making some fab friends. Now if I have a day at home I'm so bored I wonder how I ever managed it.

There's probably loads more I could mention. I've been messing around with SW for the last few weeks, never completely off plan but I need to learn how to have a social life and still be good! Each week at WI I've felt rubbish for doing so badly but having now thought about how different I am this year it has helped me see that even with the blips the overall difference is big and will continue to get bigger. It's the one thing I don't mind getting bigger!

Let's celebrate how different we are.:D
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Wow! thats amazing! Well done!!!!! and great thread!

My husband and me were talking today about how this time last year we were all pleased because I'd lost around 2 and a half stone and we all thought it was great but Ive lost nearly 8 stone now and the difference is amazing (if I do say so myself ;) ) but still a bit to go yet!

Again thanks for this thread how motivating at this difficult time of year to make us think how its worth getting through it! Go us!


Plodding on.......
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WELL DONE lovely laura - great post and great for you (and others) to reflect back on what you've done, pat yourself on the back, inspire others and move forward.

And you too Emsie - it's people like the two of you that are the motivation for many others on this site (some of whom post and some of whom probably don't) to get going and keep going because we see that it works.


Gail x
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Well done ladies...this time last year i was 39 weeks pregnant!
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Well done ladies :happy096:

This time last year I hadn't been out of hospital long either .... I still remember the :eek: of being rammed into an MRI scanner whilst hoping they would get me in :eek: and do you know -to say I was in there to have part of my skull removed -was I bothered about the anasthetic, the pain ? NO I was feeling sorry for the poor sods that were gonna be giving themselves a hernia whilst humping n dumping me about :sigh:....
Fast forward to now.. and Im just over 6.5st lighter and even though I still have about another 4st to go I feel great :D
Also this year has been the first festive season I have had where I haven't spent days and weeks feeling sick from stuffing myself :bliss:Im still on plan and intend to stay there as Im enjoying it soooo much :happy036:..
I want to thank everyone one on here too as the support and encouragement has been amazing :thankyou:
Just wait until we hit target-what will life be like then :banana dancer:


The Big One
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What wonderful inspirational stories you ladies have told. Thankfully I have nothing nearly so dramatic to report, but I can honestly say that if someone had told me this time last year that I would now be 4.5 stone lighter I never would have believed it. I'm making a life change and it feels really good to be in control and face my problem. What a difference a year makes!

sweet pink

is losing for shoes
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This time last year I would never ever have believed that this Christmas I would have been almost 4 stone lighter. I was still in denial about shifting the 'baby' weight though deep down knew that I had to do something about it. Last Christmas we were stocking up on all things naughty & probably had enough to feed a small army. The truth is that I didnt really enjoy the junk...well not after the first one or two anyway :eek: In reality it was more of a habit than anything else & one that I'm not afraid to admit has been hard to break.

This year I will be enjoying my Christmas dinner but rather than potatoes roasted in goosefat I'll be doing SW ones (planning a wee practice tonight ;)) As I'm only just over 4 months in its important for me not to slip back into old habits that could be hard to break again so this Christmas will definately all be on plan for me :D

Great thread to make us all reflect on our fabulous journies so far....just think how fab we will all feel this time next year :D


Just doing it this time
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I so so love this thread - thank you all so much for the inspiration.

I have lost 2 stone 5lb's (2.5lb's myself before weigh in) - and I feel so so much better in myself.

The difference this year was feeling good about myself in my new clothes when all the family met up for a christmas get together and for a meal - my sister just couldn't get over how 'tiny' - HER WORDS, must say that again 'tiny' I was - must admit I was sitting between brother in law and his son in law who are both 'big' blokes - but none the less she said I was 'tiny'

Wooo hooooo - Have a great Christmas everyone - know you will. Stay safe and healthy - enjoy.

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