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This time of day!!

What is it about this time of day that makes me so weak??

Ok so i am back to day 1 for me and so far have had 1 tetra and 2litres of water, was up late so am trying to spread them out....i have been here so so so many times before doing re-start, do well all day then it gets to this time and i just give in.

This time i'm not going to give in but god what can i do to make it easier..i'm trying to study at the moment and my brain is so fried and no more info is going in and all i wanna do is eat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! argh, help me, shout at me, give me a kick up the butt...anything but let me fall down at the first hurdle again.xx
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I know exactly what you mean! 4pm is my worst time too! That is why i have logged on here today, trying to take my mind off it. I have been forcing myself to have a tetra at 4 when really alll i want to do is raid the fridge.

Be strong, we are intelligent women, we can beat this!!
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:DHi Chick

I was just thinking the same thing - day 1 again for me (naughty last night) and I am starving too - I think maybe its cause we know we arent far off 'dinner' maybe?!

Good luck you - I am aiming to get 2 stone off (so another 13lb to lose) by 3rd Oct!

How is work?
I know the feeling, but i've just caved in and had some chips and fish bites. The urge to eat for the last 3 weeks without a CDC has got the better of me and I feel totally crap now. :cry:

Good luck airgirl and everyone one else with the 4pm cravings:)
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As soon as I get home from work I come and sit in the bedroom, switch on my laptop and start lurking on here, although today I feel rather chatty. Let me explain my strategy: my bedroom is the furthest room away from the kitchen so that stops me from constantly stepping in there. This week I have added another strategy of buying tetras so I don't have to stand in the kitchen preparing (what a larf what exactly is there to preparing a powdered shake!) my shake. In fact I do such a good job of avoiding the kitchen that the other day I had to have a look in the fridge to remind me what it looked like! In additon I come on here because the world is a lonely place when you are on Cambridge, most people think it is completely mad and stupid but I know you are all understand. Some how coming on here strenthens my resolve as I know there is a huge collective right behind me experience the same things as me and if they can do it, so can I. Also I spend so long on here I forget about dinner (lol the tetra) until a lot later.

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Hee hee we all do the same stuff dont we?

I come on here as soon I get home usually. I also find I am the hungriest at this time of day, which is why rightly or wrongly I try only to have half or one pack at work so I can have a shake and a bar at night. If I had one at breakfast and then one at lunch and only had a shake or bar at night I would climb the walls.

Actually I only had a 3rd of a vanilla pack this am in a warm coffee and then a cup of marigold at dinnertime, so I have over 2 items to eat tonight! Well I dont now, as I have had since I walked in the door 2 halves of 2 different bars, I have had half a soup, and I will probably have a warm coffee or a cold chocky shake later.

And I curse the bars as I love them too much, but can't give em up, make me feel hungry but they are too yummy to give up:D
Just wrote a long reply to this then my damn connection threw me off.

Glad i'm not the only 4pm nutter but i think i'm almost over it, have had my other tetra and yet more water..safe that way as i spend way longer in the loo than kitchen.
Sevenate9 i use tetras too, lol just way too much hassle preparing shakes, how lazy am i?
work is good thanks Ellen, got a nice 4night Havana at end of month so desperate to keep at it. You ok?x
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Hi everyone

I too find this time of day hard - too used to coming in and inspecting the cupboards to see what there is to munch while I got dinner ready. Now I just make up a mousse and log on for moral support! Only just joined minimims,but it is great to read how everyone else is doing - such great weight losses it has to inspire you! Keep up the good work eveyone!

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Yep you can stick at it Airgirl - I am goin on holiday on the 4th Oct so we are away about the same time - I am going with a group of friends that wont have seen me since August so I cant wait to see there reactions - thats what is keeping me going right now!

Just keep away from the kitchen! I went round a mates and just got in - keep busy thats the trick I think!:D

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