This time....

So after some wise words from you guys I am planning to start on 27th. We've got visitors until then. This week I'm just going to be sensible. Xmas day and Boxing day not so sensible.. Started to look at some of the recipes which will help loads.. Quick question - do I have to have so many posts before I can edit my profile or am I just being an idiot?
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yes i think its 20 posts before you can edit your profile

i think your wise to wait untill you can commit fully as the first stage is the hardest and is very important to do it right then stick to it to get the results ;)


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and please don't start on 27th if you think there's any chance you might blow it on 31st/1st. Starting Jan 2 properly would be better than blowing the start of your cruise phase.
Here I am then ready to go. 83.7 kilos is my starting weight, have no idea what that is in stones and pounds and not going to look. No chance of destruction over new year as our celebrations are done so all quiet now till jan 3rd. Five days of attack ahead. Hope you all had lovely Xmas's.


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Good luck to
You x
Thank you. Unfortunately I have spent the day feeling so poorly Dukan didn't happen. However didn't go mad but just wanted food that would stay down ( tmi ). Anyway feeling lots better tonight so day one tomorrow and then five days done before I go back to work.


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S: 9st10lb C: 9st3lb G: 8st3lb Loss: 0st7lb(5.15%)
Awwww sorry you've not felt well hope you feel better tomorrow x
Urgh. Been low for a few days feeling pretty naff. Resulted now in starting weight of 84.5 kg.

That aside feeling much much better now and in the last few years DH has demolished the remaining Xmas grub so I'm all stocked up and ready to go.

Am soooo ready for this. My body feels like a pile of junk. Really motivated and looking forward. This is the LAST year I will be this heavy and this unhappy.

Hope everyone is good! Any good plans for NY?