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this week cant get worse


i love minimins me :)
:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

First i had the whole binge eating cos of the ex

i have 16 assignments, 50 hour placement n presentation to have handed in for uni within a month

then it was the inquest into my nanas death, which brought up a lot of upset etc

then my auntie dying

now today my bank have charged me £230 in bank charges :( i cant afford to pay it, they have charged me £90 for going overdrawn (each time i was o/d was cos of their charges!) and £140 for 2 d/d bouncing (because i was overdrawn) and both companys r already charging me £50 each for not getting the money on time, i am a skint student, and had to quit my job cos had too much uni work, rang the bank to ask if i can pay in installments etc and the ldy says ' well i suggest you stop spending money u havent got and stop being ridicolous with ur spending :eek: surely she cant say that, so i now have £230 chrges taken out today so no money now till i start a new job :(

sorry i jus cant stop crying, i really really dont wanna have to tell my parents

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Now listen honey, you've GOT to tell your parents. That's the first thing you should do. A problem shared is a problem halved and although they'll probably shout a bit initially they will help you.

I got into a similar pickle when my first husband left and cleared out our savings. You must talk to people.

As for the diet, well yeah you've got bigger things to worry about but surely its best to feel better in yourself physically and to feel in control of at least one portion of your life ? Try and stick to it if you can.

I'm sure there are peolple you can talk to who will write off your debts aswell, leaving you with a monthly amount to pay - not sure ... maybe someone else on here will know.

Banks are assholes :mad:

Chin up and best wishes .... go and tell your parents !
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stacey i sympathise with you
have you considerd claiming back the charges
there has been enough on the news about banks charging ridiculous amounts and how you can claim back th charges
at least you`ll be back in credit and get back up to 6 years of charges back

we are in the process of getting ours back
over £1000
might not help how you feel but definetly look into it
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Have you been on the money saving expert site?
Might be worth popping on there & asking for some advise about the bank.


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Ok Stacey....breathe honey....!!!!

1. Money - tell parents.....they'll understand. Thats number 1 sorted. Ask them to write about bank charges.

2. Uni. I'm sure I mentioned this before. Write a list... Mine at the moment is set like this:

14/03/07 - Presentation - 100% complete
30/03/07 - Dissy - 100% complete
13/04/07 - Essay - 100% complete
30/04/07 - Infant Dev Exam - 100% complete
03/05/07 - Motor Cognition Exam - 20% complete
11/05/07 - Origins or Modern Science Exam - 0% complete.

I change the % complete whenever I do some work for something so I don't feel soooooo swamped down.

You have a few bits and bobs to do but you CAN get through them all.

3. Eating......now hun, ex's are ex's for a reason. Please try not munch...it's an evil cycle - get upset, eat, upset cause you munch and feel depressed - eat cause depressed and round and round and ROUND!!! :rolleyes: Been there....got several million t-shirts. I have to say, you're one gorgeous gal and I'd have ya any day of the week ;).

So chin up....although we feel a bit ashamed going to parents for help, it's really the best thing you can do. You forget how supportive your parents are - especially when you haven't called on their help for quite a while.



i love minimins me :)
Sash, i really dont want to have to tell my parents cos i only moved out of home this year, and i know how they will feel, they are also both being made redundant this year from work and are busy trying to sell their house for a smaller one, as they are not sure if they will get jobs with as much pay next year so i dont wanna stress them anymore than they are

I can pay the charges but it means i cant pay off some of my other debt when my student loan eventully comes through like i was going to do :(

going to look on that website now thanks :) an thanks kaz :)

am jus so so stressed


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Please please please tell your parents.

Second - have you applied for your Uni's Access fund? I have applied both years so far - now I have children so will get more because of that but you are pretty certainly going to get something. There should be a student financial advisor at your Uni. Go and speak to them, they might be able to point you in all sorts of directions.

Next speak to the companies who are charging you for the DD's not being paid. Have you ever not paid before? If you have always paid appeal to them - explain the situation - really ply it on and speak to a manager if the first person won't help.

You certainly can claim bank charges back. Moneyexpert.com has a template letter. Unfortunely banks are very good at not paying bills but making sure yiou can pay their charges :mad: which is wrong but there you go. I'm in the process of claiming mine.

Take care.

k xx


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I understand what you're saying about your parents but as a parent myself I can say without a shadow of a doubt that even if I was being made redundant or anything else was going on in my life I would always want my daughter to tell me if this happened to her and I would always try to help her in any way I could, that's being a parent. Please tell them.

Nicole & Kangys advice is brill.


Have a serene day!!
I am a parent to, and despite everything I would like to think that my children could talk to me about anything, it is true what they say a problem shared!

Here is the link to the bank charges site, have successfully claimed mine back and going for gold on others. You will also find that you can claim back the charge from the companies who have charged you for none payment of their DD coz that is not allowed either. If you want any help just PM me.

The Consumer Action Group - Bank Charges - Reclaim Bank Charges - Welcome
Definately tell your parents. I left home at 19, and by the time I was 21 I was absolutely broke, literally. I was so stubbon and bludyminded that I didn't tell my parents until I almost went under. I hadn't slept properly in months and just could not cope. In the end I had been round to my parents for dinner (only way I could afford to eat) and just got home when I decided enough was enough, and called my parents in a right old state. I had moved back home within a week, and paid just £10 a week 'rent' while I got myself back on my feet. Your parents will want to help you.

Fuzzys Angel

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I can't really add to what the others have said, i thought i'd just send you a hug..:hug99: 7 hope you can get things sorted out hun. I will get better, try to keep your chin up....xxx


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Please, please tell your parents, i am a parent and i would be so upset if i thought one of mine was in trouble and i hadnt helped them. There is a thread on the Pink site to help with claiming back bank charges, this might help to get your finances sorted for now, as for the diet, it will always be here love, when you are ready, and it would be a good idea to continue posting, so we can continue to support you in any way we can. There is also help available at your uni please go in search of this little extra help it will feel like a weight has been lifted. Take care things will be sorted soon. Hugs.


i love minimins me :)
thanks everyone!!

coley has been fantastic!!! thanks soooo much

gonna apply for hardship from uni and see wat they say, jus worked out if i literally dont spend any money that i dont have to until i get paid from work (25th june) i can jus afford to manage to pay everything

i am going to give myelf another 2 weeks to try and get myself sorted out and then if i cant then i will go and see my parents then

thanks everyone

p.s def stickin with diet, if i dont i will be more depressed

If you are in London, I have a great Independent financial advisor that completed sorted me out.
He can tell you the best credit cards, how to consolidate loans and pay off minimum mothly payments etc
Alturnatively , maybe find one near you.
But you should definatly tell your folks and myabe tell them how you are plan to solve it your issue. insted of hitting them just bad news :)

As for your studies, Coley is right... make a list and work down it. Again, maybe you could go and speak to you lecturer or someone understanding who can give you some help and guidence and maybe a wee extension on the deadline.

As for the diet - do what you can, but try not to confort eat

Good luck and let us know how you are doing

S xxxx


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BIG HUGSxxxxxx Just a little something about assignments, in my final year I had lots of problems at home, I asked to have two deadlines extended, which helped a lot, the tutors were really kind. Because of that I was only two or three days late from the original deadline, the pressure was off & I was able to concentrate. Coley's idea about listing assignments & % completed is great, as is all the other asvice about claiming charges back. Good luck, soon the worst will be over & you can relax, it's such a shame EVERYTHING has happened in one go, things WILL get better real soon.xxxxx


i love minimins me :)
thanks guys :)

one thing bout everythin at once is it will all be much better soon, cant think much worse can happen this year lol

i know i am strong i have prooved myself that before, jus gotta do it again :)



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Hi Stacey.

Ten steps to reclaim unfair bank charges | This is Money

The bank charges you have been levied are ILLEGAL. The above site (recommended by a bank employee friend..) goes through the steps for you to recover the last SIX YEARS charges. One chap got back over £10k. It works, but its not going to be an immediate help. The bank have 40 days from your 1st letter to respond. But if you take some time and go on the forums, there is no-body who has not done this AND who hasn't got their money back to date. So as a long term ting - DO IT. Its your money. They have taken it illegally. You are 100% fully entitled to the last 6 years worth of charges.

((((((((( hugs )))))))))))

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