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this week i lost......


Slowly but surely x


My husband = My hero
Well done kirst!!!

That's fab hun! And u had yummy nandos

Should be over
The moon chick xx
Well done that's brilliant! Those inches are falling off you!
If you are happy on the 810 I'd stick with that, I have lost 3 pounds week 2 and week 3 ( and I started at 14 stone 4) so its not much more on ss and you are more likely to stick with a plan you enjoy.
Anyway hooray indeed for you xx


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well done.... maybe when we meet up next, lets not have nandos.. lol although it was carb free... you didnt feel so great after....
so we will have to sit there with our wizzers and start wizzing. lol


Slowly but surely x
i dont think it was the nandos (even though it was dry). I think it was the milky in my coffees
well dont have milk again...
and have the wings with me lol hehehe
Kirsty, I bet it was the milk - I really don't think I could have milk now and I used to be a proper milky coffee kinda girl - I can't even have sweetner anymore ! its amazing how this diet changes your tastes x
oh i couldnt live without my sweetner... or my coffee...
i must admit ive not been bothered if i have milk in it or not... tea on the otherhand has to have some milk in it, but i much prefer decaf coffee now.. so im not bothered.
I couldn't drink black tea no way lol - Kes I always had 2 sweetners but now I cant stand them - too sweet - funny really x
black tea YUCK!!


Slowly but surely x
im allowed milk on this 810 plan but becuase i have been having NONE since the start and then 4 cups of coffee all day sat.... i think it had to be that for sure as I had my chicken quota at nando's, mushrooms were allowed, diet coke has no effect on my in ketosis but i dont really drink it.
bugger it, at least its weight off
thats right hun. you are still weight down, and you are closer to your goal...
just make sure that it doesnt happen every week (my bank balance doesnt like shopping trips!!) lol


Slowly but surely x
i had an oopsie roll today, though, ketosis friendly....made me feel happy. then it was a shake. Shake tonight and then a bar. no little meal for me today.
ooohhh are you prepping yourself for ss.... i hope it goes ok... if i can do it (on 4 packs not eating a meal) then anyone can... im not an angel and ive not had many 100% days... but... never mind.


Slowly but surely x
its just sacrificing that little meally treat that is crucifying me
you will be fine hun... honestly...
text me anytime you know that!!