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This week I WILL stick with it no matter what!!

I rejoined SW at the beginning of July and did really well on my first week, I WI on a Monday night but unfortunaltly my mum was rushed to hospital the following Monday morning so i didn't go to group as I was visiting the hospital. She has been in and out since then ( Back in again this morning)
As I have known that most weeks since then I would be unable to make WI I have used this as an excuse to eat total rubbish and anything I lost the first week is completly down the pan. I went back to group last night and felt a total idiot as I am now 1.5lbs heavier than when I joined.:eek:
I knew I had put on weight and was considering not going but after reading a few threads on here where people didn't want to go to WI as they had a bad week and others encouraging them to go. I knew that is the advice I would also give so I bit the bullet and went.
I am determined this week to stick to the plan completely whatever happens, I had lost over 4 stones with SW years ago so I know it works and I really enjoy the food I have when sticking to it especially now with EE - thats what makes me even madder in a way as I do really enjoy it so it seems madness not to stick to it really.

Anyway sorry to go on and on, just needed to put it down in writing to give me that extra motivation!

Also a big thanks to everyone on here for indirectly making me face up and go to WI last night! x :D
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i hope your mum is ok **sending good thoughts**

good luck with sticking to the plan this week, you can do it



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I hope you mom will soon be feeling better.

Good luck to you for a good week on plan and for a good WI next week....X
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I hope your mum is feeling better

Good luck on getting back on track xx
Muffindoll you are exactly the same as me. I've so far lost 8lbs - i gained 3.5lbs in one week, thanks to a long weekend away at the inlaws and eating their idea of 'healthy food' (doritos pmsl, the best burgers and sausages, full fat lattes, ciabatta rolls toasted and buttered for brekkie oh and copious amounts of wine!)

Had to miss group this week thanks to having no car as dp has it and no buses from my village to get me to group.

6 weeks left until our holiday and really need to get my ass into gear!!

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Well done for going to weigh in! I really hate going some weeks and feel like i've let myself down - but i go and get motivated again. I need to really stick to it this week because i've been hanging around the 1.5 stone mark for ages and i know food optimising works because i lost over 3 stone before i met my husband.

Lets support each other! I find it easiest if i've planned my meals for the week. Good luck x
Good luck Sarah, i too have lost on SW before and know it works!

Meals planned this week

Weds: SW Quiche (new pots, cheese, veggies) Chilli Con Carne and Rice
Thurs: Bacon Omelette, Roast Beef and Veggies (swede and carrot mash, green beans)
Fri:Lunch: Cheesy Pasta and Mushrooms, Lamb Biryani
Saturday: Lunch - Salmon and Salad, DinnerHomemade Burgers
Sunday: Roast Pork and Ratatouille or veggies (although at lunch as dp has a contract on miles away so it wil be tuna and cheese on toast for dinner)
Monday: SW Quiche and Salad or Omelette, SW Chips or Tuna Pasta bake - will be my 5 year olds choice!
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Thanks, you are very organised. I'm just about to look through some old SW mags for some meal ideas, i'm guilty of sticking with what i know! Hubby is veggie so i tend to stick to green days or extra easy for ease x
We've all been there Sarah - you have had your fair share of problems with your mum being ill. Just think of it as a new start and u will c at next weeks weigh in. Hope u have a great slimming world week.


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well done for taking positive steps hun, heres to a good loss this week x


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Respect for going back! It is very difficult to keep your mind on SW when a loved one is ill. 1.5lbs will soon disappear as soon as you can concentrate on yourself again. Well done for acknowledging you need support, it's not a weakness! And asking my Angels to help you and your Mum! (you sound very determined, good for you!)
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It's always hard to go back to WI but the tough bit is over now, you have faced it! I hope your mum gets better soon and wish you all the best for a great week back on the SW wagon :D

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