This week's update...WEEK 18 WI


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Hello all - just popped on to update my signature with Week 18 WI.....

....another 2lbs off this morning - taking me to 12st 5lbs and ONLY TWLEVE POUNDS TO GO TO GOOOOAAAAAALLLLL :D

YAY ! Can't believe I've stuck to this and am finally on the final stretch !

Sorry I haven't been around much the last couple of days.... has been MAD here - getting organised for Christmas 'n' stuff....probably not be around for next couple of days either..lots of entertaining to do....

Hope ur all staying strong and keeping focussed on that prize at the end of your CD-road....:)

Wishing you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and very best wishes for 2007 :D

lotsa love

Congratulations 18weeks is a great achievement and so close to goal as well,

cheers Caz
Well done!!
Wow, I've just had a look at your photos. I try to think of dieting as a health improvement - but there is something about being a bit slimmer that looks so much better (and healthier). You look fabulous.

Thanks for posting. I was feeling a bit peckish Christmas an' all. Back on the straight and narrow now.