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Thoroughly ashamed of myself!

oh dear! can't you just start again from next meal? i forgot my morning one today grrr
I've been a model pupil todayt - oatibix, skimmed milk and tablet for breakfast, salad and rice cakes for lunch with a tablet - i just have no routine at the weekend and alcohol is not my friend ... so very disappointed in myself. :-(
boo! ahh well sh!t happens all you can do is start again where you left off and try to resist next time! ;)
Can you post me some of that great attitute!!! I shouldn't be kicking myself really should i??You are right, i could have just sat and eaten chocolate all day today but i did the right thing :eek:)
think everyone messes up sometimes :) just gotta stick at it :D


Going From Flab to FAB!
Hey dont be so hard on yourself hun, Like Iona says we are not all perfect :) .. and youve jumped back to it so well done for that :)


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Giraffegirl, remember that you're only human! (i'm the one who hasn't lost any weight yet!!) I'm with you all the way, coz I understand how frustrating it is to stay the same on the scales when you know you've been trying so hard.

Did you have any side effects? Some people say that the tablets stay in your system for a while, so even if you don't take them with a meal with high fat, the ones you took days before can affect you!

I had shed loads of wine - a 40th birthday on friday night, a party at mine on saturday and then 8 hours in teh pub on sunday - my saving grace was a screaming liver yesterday but the food intake of pringles!!!! made uop for the lack of alcohol. I dont know if i have lost amy weight yet as i am an obsessive weigher and huibby has hidden teh scales - i know you are ALL right and i have at least restarted today so thank you ladies for your re-newed inspiration!
I have managed to get back on track! I feel so much better for being good - i have been shining my little halo!!! I have a doctors appointment to get weighed so fingers crossed there is a difference
Good for you, its difficult to get back on track when you've fallen off the wagon, so well done. Onwards and downwards. x
Hows it going Giraffegirl ?

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