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Those few pounds all make a difference!


Slimming down the aisle
I've been a little frustrated lately about how slow my journey has been going for the past few weeks and I've started to realise something. It's not all about the scales, in fact, I'm starting to care less and less about the scales! So far I've lost about 10lbs, not really very much on the scales is it, but there have been other things that I've realised and that way outweighs the scales pardon the pun!

So, after just 10lbs...

  • My clothes are feeling looser
  • I can fit into a pair of trousers one size smaller than I've been wearing
  • I saw my nurse the other day, who I haven't seen since last summer. She did my blood pressure, which was slightly raised but not a concern and now it's smack bang perfect
  • I generally feel like I have more energy and am more healthy
  • I've lost over 11 inches, that's more than I've lost in lbs!
  • And finally, on a more humorous note, my boobs have gone UP a cup size! haha

So when you're feeling unmotivated by what you see on the scales, keep going because there is so many other rewards you may not even be noticing!
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Well said Caroline, delighted to hear you are doing so well and well done on the blood pressure!


Slimming down the aisle
I thought it was roughly every stone, either way I'm happy!


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Well done, I think inches are really more important than lbs, as it's more about how we look and what dress sizes we can get into. People don't really notice the lbs, but the inches you've lost.
Well done!!
I cant wait for the lbs and inches to start dropping off me again too it's a wonderful feeling
Well done babe, you've done the hardest part now - getting started. Just keep on going and you WILL get there. If you keep on going it's physically impossible for you not to get there. I was just a regular fat girl this time last year, but with sheer determination I'm now a healthy weight.

YOU WILL GET THERE! And if you start falling back I will be on this forum pushing you back on the wagon! :p


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Interestingly, you don't always look the same at the same weight. My friend saw some recent pictures of me (from last week) on my facebook and contacted me to ask me how much weight I'd lost. The thing is, since I last saw her, I'd only lost about 3lbs. But I was that weight from losing weight on the Cambridge Diet. This time I'm the same weight, but had lost a stone from exercising and eating healthily, but she couldn't believe that I was only 3lbs lighter than I was when I last saw her.


Slimming down the aisle
Yeah I'm definitely noticing more changes doing it this way than I did with the Cambridge Diet!

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