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thought i would share......

I have noticed lots of new people on here, and I have also had a break for a month. and thought I would share my success and also how proud I am of myself. (sorry if I sound big headed)

I am back on the Plan 2 weeks in. And am now the lowest weight since my teens. I have lost just short of 5 stone since i first started in 2009.

It been an incredibly tough journey for me and its far from over. I still have about 1 and half stone to go. And then the hardest of all maintaining.

I would like ALL of you to know that if i can do this then you ALL can. I was so so unhappy with myself last year and was embarrassed to walk down the street. I always thought people were laughing and sniggering behind my back. But most of all i have 2 young children. And they DESERVE to have a happy and healthy mummy and one they can be proud of!!!

There is a photo of me at my uncles birthday in 2009 and that was my realisation that I had to do something. and i i did and lost 4 stone. then in august a photo of me at my friends wedding....I was horrified how could i get like that again (I was 8lb short of my original start weight) the following weekend I was back on LT with many lessons learned!

I can see the end is in sight, I have had a short break, and didn't do too bad. but I need lose the last bit keep this off and I will.

And I will be proud. I think I owe myself that much!

but me telling you this isn't just about me being big headed and boasting about my achievements (so far).... Its for all of you. If you REALLY REALLY want to lose the weight you will. AND you really CAN. My life has changed in so many ways. but most of all i am happy. And thats what i want for all of you.

Keep going and being inspired to do this by your own merit and achievement.

I add some photos of the start and of where i am right now today. Rare photos that i looked at this afternoon and thought really is that me.

Sorry for the essay. But thought i would share.
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Thank you so much for writing that KB. It's given me strength and encouragement just when I needed it. Thanks, hun! :D


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wonderful post and thanks for sharing. ur an inspiration to us all.
AND you look FABULOUS.
well done hun, its amazing how good u look.


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Wow what a transformation, u look fab and so happy :) x


Slim for summer
Wow what a difference, you look great!
You look fab hun! Great post, posts like these keep me going strong!! Well done you x
Just wanted to say you look amazing! You should be so proud :)



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Amazing photos, well done you!!!

Cham Pers

size 8 by July
Wowsers pretty lady! Ur amaaaaaaaazing! Respect! X
thank you all so much for your kind words.

One thing I didn't say was. I would never have managed this diet alone. This forum is amazing with amazing people. I have had such support, about every aspect of this diet. Including toilet issues. If i didn't have the incredible support from like minded people who are going through the same thing. I would have given up at the first hurdle. Which in my case was Shake 1. hahaha
Well done, you look amazing xx

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what a great story, good luck to you!
Well done you, you have done amazing and i agree its reading posts like this that make me want to carry on and get to my goal weight rather than just throw in the towel and give up, especially when the weight is slower to come off each week. Thankyou so much and i hope you continue to do so well :)

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