Thoughts before bed?


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Being on a 100% TFR diet keeps my dieting/weightless on my mind nearly all day long. In the evenings is when I start to think about it a lot especially before bed. It's usually positive thoughts especially if I have completed. 100% day!

So my question to you guys is if it is on your mind before bed, what are you thinking? What you may become when you reach your goal? How you will feel? How you are feeling now? I know that's what's on my mind :)

FiFi xx
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I think about how I will be able to wear nice clothing and feel comfortable in them too. I think back to when I did cambridge diet and how I got to 12st odd. I wasnt at goal but I felt good, my skin was clear and I had a face with cheekbones lol. This is one of my targets 12st odd as thats the almost halfway point for me this time.

Hope its all going ok for you so far x


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I think about how proud I am of myself too for getting through another day. This is extreme and tough....and not everyone could do it. That in itself is a huge boost to keep going. I think about my health....I don't want to make myself ill. I think about being able to start the day without worrying or feeling ashamed about my size. I think about going on holiday later this year and not crying in the I did last year. I think about just being me again :D

Good luck to you....we will do it xx


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I think about wearing jeans or leggings and not having to cover my bum up with a jumper or long top, I think about actually going into shops to actually try on clothes when shopping and not just order online because I'm embarrassed and I think about looking good in underwear. All of these things are physical things but I know that once I get to y desired weight my confidence and self esteem with grow. Being overweight is so embarrassing and I'm over it. Good luck. X

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I think when is my gargantuan belly gonna go :( ? I have lost over 3 stone since June and don't seem to see it there.
i dream about how great it will be to be able to "throw" on anything from my wardrobe without having booby-gape and belly bumps. I think it'll be nice to not have been say " hi's been a long time you look .......well " polite talk for fat. I also think it'll be nice to feel I can socialise again instead of keeping myself locked away, ashamed of my shape in a self fulfilling prophecy of being a depressed fatty. I also think Damn this valerian root tea ROCKS!